Sunday, July 6, 2008


recieved a call from tar-college last friday.

my application for the job has been accepted.

yea. i 've been waiting for this for so long:)

so either i wil start my work on 14th of july or 4th of august..
hmm. better start earlier.. cos..
im broke

hmm.. the pay is actually ..a lil below my expectation.. but,
aiyah.. my expectation been always so high de la.
plus my experience=0 so i better la-la-seng take the offer lo.

and i was too bored at home.
need to start work liao..
if not my room + table + myself will be covered by dust and spider webs!!

lil bit nervous.
dunno why.
feels inadequate.

talking about being broke.
let me show you my "tight tight budget for this july and next august.


medical checkup rm 200 (dunno why i have to pay for this, supposingly is paid by
company mer ho? dunno la.. adui)

open maybank acc rm 200 (not sure bout this, estimate only la.)
food and transport rm 300 (yesh.. diet mah....haih i duwana further elaborate. just let
me know if you wanna belanja, can suppport a bit of my

rental rm 250 (wat2do? i love this place so damn much..)
digi prepaid rm 30
contact lenses rm 100
total rm 1080


that damn convo gown (1st time pink looks so ugly) rm 500
shit utar earning our money on the certificates rm 200 (if they collect rm100 from
each students.. 3000
graduates will donate
about rm300,000 to the uni!!!!!!
Expressive therapy module 4 + transport + meals rm 900
food for august (without sakae sushi and nandos ) rm 450
transport rm 50
rental rm 250
freaking total rm2300

that means:
my expenses for these 2 months would be a sum of rm 3380
without shoppin leh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how to survive oh... fuck

and my monthly salary minus those stupid epf stuffs like that would never be enough to cover my expenses!!!!!!!!!!

and if i were to start working in august.............................means die immediately
if they would let me start working in mid july..............means can struggle 1st abut only die....

damn damn damn

one more thing.... i found that ..
i dun have proper cloths to wear to work..
maybe i just have 2-3 sets which is appropriate.

damn damn damn...
told ya i should shop more.

and bye bye to the bag in my wish list from bonita.. i'll keep u forever in my mind

dear friends whom i owe a starbucks each...
sad to say we have to wait till september liao....sighsighsigh T-T
but dont worry.
a promise is a promise.!!
i'll be glad to have my fav cup together with ya all.. really!!!

the donation hotline would be...
* of course my mobile number

u can mail ya check to my address too!!!!

wish me luck la...
kena go and buy 4 D liao... damn damn damn damn