Thursday, June 25, 2009

MJ gone?

micheal jackson dead?
duwan la..
i like him what.

still remember
me , my bro, and my dad loves to watch his
videos at home (when we still stay in popo's houz)

then later.. when i get to know yao,
he's also a big fan.

loves all the dance moves, all the signatures.
MJ is a legend to me.


been sick really.
very sick.
not h1n1 dont worry.

got my mc to prove my alibi.
haha.. but one thing i found,
being a lecturer,
getting a sick leave is nothing exciting.
as i need to dig other time to replace those classes.
not to mention,
the kinda look i could expect from my student's face
when im telling them about replacement on their holy saturday.

i try my best not to place the classes on saturday.
but it all depends on the availability/scarcity of classes in
the mighty large tarc

if we really have no choice,
hope you guys can understand la hor..
thanks for all the concerns anyway