Monday, August 11, 2008


mum called just now.
brother melvin has to go for his 2nd surgery on wednesday.
need to graft some flesh to his injured arm.
i was kinda samtung dunno why.
i heard that daddy mummy too , worried.

just hope everything would be fine.
i wanna see my charming brother in sunnies again, damn soon.

stay strong.


10th august.
there's a dogathon organized in upm
me and my housemates and one of our house's vip went to upm.. to see dogs (or let the dogs see us).

it was damn damn fun.
i get to hug some dogs there, i mean puppy.
and i saw many many brown fur toy poodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was so excited.
and some of them even came to me for my cuddle!!!!!!!!!!
it was just overwhelming. i felt that i was like huggin babies.. you know..
and my motherly-love suddenly spilt..
oooo.... i just love them so much.
and i wanted to have one for me to pamper in future
. i mean when im financially stable, to be able to feed myself 1st before feeding my baby poodle
and u know what..
i'll let them wear cute cute dog jersey..
and they 'll sleep in pink polka dots cosy little dog cushion..
i'll show you pictures next time..i promised
it's kinda tiring today.