Sunday, August 2, 2009


i've lost weight!!

10 advantages of losing weight:

1. able to slip easily into shorts effortlessly
.... without extra flesh ridiculously dangglin

2. you gazed longer into the mirror. admiration drenched from the top to ya toes.
it's nutristic and therapeutic to be a narcissist periodically

3. you feel lighter while you walk...... safer when crossing the traffic

4. higher self esteem + confidence = more contended body image + sense of accomplishment.

5. felt more healthy and energetic---> you just wanna stay outdoors.. (who'll
notice ya perrrfect body when you're hibernatin in house leh..)

6. your man'll get comments ( or rather compliments) from his friends saying that
"hey, you've changed gal friend a? is that the same gal you showed us last time?
she looks different now.. pretty" ( cant remember the exact words though they rehearsed
a zillionth times like chants in my head)

7. whateva you tried in the fitting room looks like they're perfectly meant for you, and you
only. (and it boost satisfaction during ya shoppin session)

8. you'll get compliments from ppl you dont know. ( in front of your man's mum)

9. more pretty, attractive, sexy

10. more pretty, attractive, sexy

anyhow, there's some disadvantage too de....
( no matter how thin you sliced a hotdog, it's always two sided)

disadv 1: your boobs of pride shrunk

disadv 2: you'll feel less guilt indulgin in desserts and other fattenin foods........

disadv 3: ..... thus innocently allowin every edible object on earth

disadv 4: you look like you're wearing your mom's formal trousers to work.

disadv 5 : alright the 5th and last and most prominent killjoy is still --> your boobs shrunk.



i'd rather have small boobs than to have humongous thunderous thighs.

alright. i rather not have both.

alright. i dont have a choice.

ohya. forgot to brag bout my trip in redang. will probably reveal more next time.yao's craving for his fb games now, gotta return his pc to him now. my lappy sucks..

( attached below: preview of the mighty redang trip: sun, sand,breeze, bikinis, charming surfer boy, and the turquoise sea.