Monday, July 14, 2008

1st day @ work

before i talk about today, lets begin with a tad of special events that happened yesterday.

so my big mouth somehow promised yaoyao that i will accompany him doin the "fish spa -thingy" in jusco alpha angle... so .. a promise remains a promise and there i headed to the"mini pond" where thousands of those dunno-what-name-they-called- fish" ...

basically it works like this,

the fish gonna bite the dead skin off your feet, revealin soft , smooth, and healthy skin on the feet. and the suction of the fish bites would actually promotes micro massage to enhance blood circulation and whatsoever shit.

so i put my feet in.

and before i reach the water surface,

i pulled my feet out again.

i was scared

then. after taking some breath,

i put my feet in again,

this time feeling the sensation of those yucky fish bites.


then i scream..............like hell

and i scream.........

and i continue screaming


and i pull my leg out again..

this time, swearing that i must overcome this phobia,

i put my legs in again... reluctantly.





............. T-T and tears drop.

so yaoyao ask me to stop ... haha..

and i was so damn embarrass cos ther were other ppl there too la..

luckily all malays.. means.. they might not know me.. and would not know me in future.

yea.. i said might ma..

alright ..end of horror story.


so tis's my 1st day @ work

woke up damn early in the morning.

cold cold morning .. cant really leave my bed..

sunrise's always tat awesome here in my condo.. damn luvvvvv it

dressed up then ate some sandwiches yaoyao prepared:)


i got many things to bring...

but my bag isn big enough

damn damn damn..

took public bus to the college.. together with many of my future students. haha

alright.. i'll skip all the "feels-like-1st-day-of-school-nervousness"

and go straight to where i reported myself--- HR office

i was welcomed by ms. Saw..

signed some documents..

listen to her briefing on the departments and the hierarchy of committee members

listening to names of those vvips, vips, head head.. tail tail.. and lecturers.. etc..

she also brief about drug abuse issues... etc.. ( stimulants such as caffeine count?? haha.. jk)

and we chat alot about my work.. some upcoming events..

opportunities for me to further studies etc.

and we also discussed about make-ups and our relationship matters.. haha.. so professional!!

she then introduced me to the other staffs in that department..

to be honest. i cant even remember their faces, and so many names..

it's just left-ear-in-right-ear-out.

after one hour with ms. Saw..

i head straight to Dr. Cecilia, which is the head of division of my "school"

---school of humanities and social sciences

well... she's abit busy.. heading to meetings and classes..

so she introduced me to the office and my seat...

it's a large large table with a moderate size shelf...not bad.. just abit dusty and dirty.

thus i wipe it with some tissue papers plus water..

but it's dirty still.

abit sticky to touch.. yuucckks~~~

Dr. Cecilia also pass me the key of the office and expect me to duplicate it before 2pm

haha. outside the campus.

so.... i went to wangsa-maju (as she recommended)

(a wicked grin carved on my face.. haha. cos that's where i live)

and duplicate the keys..


alright alright... i confess... during the process, i shopped for a while in watson, went back home to pee, and have a cup of soya milk as lunch. and yes i bought a pack of wet wipes (for my sticky table)

and so i reach back to tarc in 12.00pm

cos my colleauge- the other lecturer that i would work closely with in future, Mr. Bala,

(his name sounds familiar, isn it?)

invited me to listen to his lecture so i can warm up and learn something before i start my own classes...

so the table is then finally clean... and i made myself comfortable siting there... facing straight towards the air-conditioner.

Mr. Bala keeps smilling at me while i was wiping the table, drawers, shelves.. etc

" dont worry, Mr. Bala, it's not becasue of OCD (obsessive-compulsive dis)" i said. haha....

so i accompanied him to the other blocks for the following lecture..

damn .. it's so far.

and the hall... is so so so so so damn fuckin spacious.

i mean WOW!!! look at the ceiling so tall.. feels so touching..

all the while, studying in UTAR is like studying in a tuition centre.. haha.. just a few blocks which is closely situated besides one another.. there's no campus.. no field.. no basketball court.. no nothing..

but here..

look at their hall..

haih. so damn wishing that im stil a student here.. haih...

this is my 1st day @ work yet... i startin to miss my life as a student!!!!!!

and when the lecture's about to start.. suddenly, the electricity is down.

so ... Mr. Bala dint really start lecturing..

instead he discussed with some students in front about their assignment stuffs and etc..

so others are either sleeping or chit-chating.

and me, siting behind, is like an alien to them.

haha.. over-age coursemate?

about 1 hour later, the electricity is back to normal..

while the laptop of Mr. Bala turns abnormal now.

haha.. so the whole class wait and wait again

and when everythin's fine..

the rain starts to pour..


and you know what.

my 1st day of work, im drenched from head to toe.

al WET

it's not that i dint bring the umbrella or what..

just that the rain is too heavy, and those muddy yellow water flows like a small stream ,

my heels are wet too..

damn... i think i look sexy right now. ^^

so.. let's skip the " freeze-in-the-office-because-my-seat-is-right-infront-of-the-air-cond-remember?"

alright. that's not the point.

the most important thing is ...

My first day of work= a day with consecutively filled with unfortunate events.

Mr. Bala looked at me and ask.. " what's wrong with today har?"


so after the class, Mr. Bala went home. so i decided to went home early too!!.. haha

cos nothing much to do:)

ohya... before ending this terrible day..

i've got one more thing to say.

when i was ironing the clothes just now to prepare for tomorrow's attire,

i burn a hole on one of my favourite dress...

now i have one dress less for my working attire. DAMNDAMNDAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a day~