Sunday, January 18, 2009

LOVE-ly watch~~

when i came home one day. busy loiterring around the house, i was so late to notice this

pressie!! from darling..... muah muah muah... ooh.. i love it. it's been ages since i last wear a watch. previously had a limited edition fuschia ODM bracelet watch, thought it's so cool, i wore it everywhere to every occasion. hmm.. till i start working in tar college.. damn among 20 students, you can find 5-6 of them wearing the same watch. arggggggghh.. no thanks to mass replica founded in the night markets, petaling street etc. euwww.. they made my lovely authentic watch looks so cheap~

was blessed enough darling got me a new baby.. not so striking or attention grabbing, this watch suits my need to have a simple, clean watch which i can wear it any occasion, be it formal, sporty, fun or sexy haha... the titanium bracelet makes it non-sticky compared to usual stainless steel bracelet. hmm.. so it's more comfortable to wear it even under the hot sun espc in malaysia.

thanks darling~ morgan= love = morgan? love ya~

Blow~ me away

lately, wind blows damn strongly around the place i stay..
hmm.. ask my housemates.. they were annoyed by the noise of the frequent-doors-banging, freaky ghostly sound resulted from the wind blowing thru windows and doors etc. and also papers and notes that are flying around blown by the strong wind.
besides all these inconvenience, the weather reminds me of beaches, and a long-awaited vacation..it's a good weather for laundry. barely an hour, our clothes will dried up with that crispy sunshine smell :) love it!

picture 1& 2: in our room.. roomate pei and me are trying to capture the scene where our curtain was blown up high by the wind. most of the time it reaches the ceiling. but what i can captured are these.. seems not as strong in photos huh?

Picture 3 & 4,
goin out to the college ( just to sign in and ciao.. @-@)
my hair..... erggggggggghhh.. by the time i reached college, i have nice and sexy well-messed-up hairstyle.. which brother melvin would try decades of styling to achieve this effect.

yesh, as written in my chat box..
(dear wind, pls blow me away, or blow GRE away, either one will do..
then i do not have to sit for the exam. it's mentally and physically straining me..)
YET, im so lazy to touch my book and study for it. damn damn damn damn
who's the one to be blamed? ~~ the wind of course.

butter's cookbook 1- cheese macoroni

experienced this before? you came home in the afternoon, all alone in the house. and you felt so damn HUNGRY.....yet instant noodles disgust you...... i tried this at home. it came out surprisingly NICE!!!! haha..

a handful of macoroni
2-3 crab filament sticks
2 slices of cheddar cheese
oregano/ rosemary
salt and pepper
mixed herbs

1. Boil macoroni in a large pot of water. Add in 2 teaspoons of salt.

2. Drain, and set aside.

3. cut crab-filament sticks into cubes..

4. place it on ya macoroni. im abit finicky here..
would try my very best to make sure that
all the red coloured sides of the filament sticks face upwards..
so that my dish would be more presentable.

5. top with 2 slices of cheddar cheese,
you might wanna replace them with
parmesan, mozzarella... etc.

6. prepare to steam your macoroni+crab filament+cheese
by placing them on a rack or perforated pan
in a saucepan and add water to the saucepan.
The water collects below the rack or perforated pan,
and the food remain above--and out of--the liquid.
As for my case, i used the rice cooker,
adding some forks in it to support my plate of macoroni.

7. placing the plate on top of those forks
8. when it's done, scoop out the steamed macoroni,
your cheese melted into creamy texture at this stage.

9. sprinkle some oregano, mixed herbs, pepper to taste.
( you might wanna add in other fragrant spices like rosemary, cinnamon etc. )

VOILA~~ my nice and simple lunch!!
( too bad all the crab filament turned upside-down. hmm.... )
time for chomp-chomps!! :)
p.s. my camera phone not great enough to capture
the tantalizing appeal of this (@.*)