Monday, March 9, 2009

grieving the lost of....

what happened these few weeks were tad complex for me
as i was weighing whether i would willing to lose my enamoured long nails
so as to learn something i long for since a very long time,
or to keep my sweet sweet claws and thus forever stay away from string instruments.

So choose one below
a. Long nails or violin class?
b. Violin class or long nails?

Choose one of these below too
c. An elegant violinist with short ugly nails
d. Or a woman with long elegant nails but could never touch any string instrument

see, what's a woman without her long nails.
you know what, if you are keeping those nails long,
you would understand that your body language, posture etc changes as well.
because you need to be gentle and soft at all times to avoid hurting 'em.

i love this very much, looks inobvious but nevertheless sweet.
my fingers were born to be blunt and stupid( i dont know whether this is the right description but they do looks stupid)
so, without long nails, my fingers would look 5.256 x 10 99 ( in words : five point two five six times ten to the power of ninety nine) times uglier and stupid-ier.

argggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.... finally, i made a tough decision.

and thus typing this post of grieve.

lamenting over the lost of my beloved nails.

my nails lomy nails again lo

alright i should stop all the mourns and start introducing my new baby-------------->

since im still a newbie, no point for me to post any disturbing vlog of
torturing this new friend.
im ready to hao-lian( show-off), i'll post my very own ...haha. deal?
m listening to lots of lucia micarelli's songs now.. damn nice i del you.
she's pretty, gorgeous, sensual, talented..
ok, back to me practicing.... =P (ohya, with my ugly short nails, i play better piano too. i hope this would make me feel better.................................)