Thursday, July 17, 2008

dayz @ work zzzzzzzzz


so my second day aint any luckier than the 1st.
i was locked from outside of my office in the morning.. haha
luckily one of my colleague had class early in the morning,
( cos most of them have class in the afternoon)..
my saviour, Mr. Bala came early and found that the door is locked from outside
becos i dont know that i should place the padlock inside the room instead of leaving it outside
hmm.. learn something new today.
but silly me.. haih.

so i was briefed by Dr. Cecillia again about my job scope.
i was assigned to take 2 papers next semester..
I.O.Psychology and Theories of Counselling :)
im alright and would be happy to take charge of the task given:)
but ..
it's not as easy as anyone would imagine it to be.
it involves planning the course structure,
setting final examinations question,
deciding what courseworks should be given to students that semester.
how to allocate the marks.
tutorial questions... and every tedious planning should be jotted down and presented
..before the semester starts.
i need to mark exam papers.. as well as invigilate about 8examinations too!!
apart from that.
i need to take charge of certain co-curiculum activities.. etc.


as for now..
i would be warming up myself by tutoring some classes..
and the subject would be one of my fav psy field--- developmental psy.
nice nice

im also nervous.
really nervous.

so basically this week i will be following Mr. Bala to learn more
by being a naive observer on how he handle the class.
i know i was a student too, but different institution different culture mah..
so i treasure all his guidance and support..
well, he is a very nice, kind hearted man :)
as he generously helped me out in many things ..
till i also feel so paiseh~ cos he is also damn damn busy de

wel, when i was to go back home ..
i realized that when i last left the office with Mr. Bala, i forgot to bring along my keys.
so now when Bala left.. and im about to go back to the office to grab my belongings before heading home...
i have no keys to open that stupid office door.
..feel like wanna cry.

i rushed back to Dr. Cecillia's room hopin that she's stil around and
would kindly lend me her set of keys for me to open that stupid door.
but ..she's not there, she too, went home liao...
i really dont wanna make this into a big issue,
when u're new in an organization,
the only thing that u wish
is to minimize faults or avoid any mistakes.. etc.
especially those small small careless silly stupid mistakes..
damn damn damn
i really dont want them to think that im so clumsy and careless.

so.. i met with Ms. Serena, secretary of Dr. Cecillia.. and she pass me a set of keys
which she think it "MIGHT" be the key of the room.. BUT.. she say she's really not sure..
i just need to try my luck.

so.. sweating.. and pantin... i reach back to the office.. praying so hard...
hopin that the keys would be able to open the fucking stupid door.
but hey...
out of my suprise.. the door is NOT LOCKEd?
oh... someone inside...
another colleague of mine also went back to the office cos she left something important..
haha.. so..i managed to get in lo..
end of story lo

hmm... tonight my dear dear housemate yunyun ( i used this lilac colour becos lately she's so into this shade!!) will cook dinner for us !!
i just love home-cooked food..
thanks yunyun..

one of the VIPs of our house, Mr. Willy also came
wow... the egg-tofu-dunno-what-thing he made is just just AWESOME..
i dont know how to describe it.. but it's really nice..

3rd day of work

it's my pleasure to accompany my immediate superior, Dr. Cecilia,
to a trainin session conducted by Shruffreid, (a computerized psychometric system developed by the Shruffried Family, a vienna originated company), in colaboration with UIAM ( university islam .. duno what liao.

the venue is in gombak, very near to genting highlands..
the university is............. WOW..
and i only got one word to describe it.. WOW

haha.. maybe because they have more budget thingy so their campus is like..
for those who ever been there, im sure u know what im talking about.
for those who never been there, i describe using words also no use... haih. cos it's far more better than u can ever imagin.

the environment is tranquil.. serene.. elegant... abit palace like..
hmm.. got some middle-east type of flavor..

so.. Dr. Cecilia wish to buy some psychometric test on behalf of the college for our psychology department.
do you know how much a simple personality test costs?
about..if not more than rm 10,000..
just for one simple test using the computerized system
and i heard that university had bought all of it.. (more than 80 tests)

Dr. Cecillia brought me along and meet many many other ppl..
lecturers. professor... etc.
i felt inconfidence though i act confidence.
cos deep inside me .. i felt so insufficient.. so much things that i dont know..
and many many things for me to learn
when they ask about.. so.. what did your Uni have for the counselling lab? and psychometric tests?... " err.. UTAR... "


then i met with another Dr. who was Ms. Hasmiza's lecturer... (Ms. Hasmiza is one of my fav lecturer..)and Dr. Cecillia also chat about her at that moment..
then only i realized she was working with tar college as well, under Dr. Cecillia. She mentioned that Ms. Hasmiza was a very dedicated lecturer.. very serious in completing her tasks and a very responsible subordinate.. wow.
that Dr. ( which i forgot her name... duh. im not good at remembering names)
also stated that she is one of her students who is passionate in her studies and work.
proud of her... (not much thing from my uni which i can feel proud of de)

so after the training session... we had a light lunch and headed back to college.
Dr. Cecilia suggest that i could start learning more about this psychometric test.. thingy so that i can teach students.. and probably the college would sponsor me to UK to take postgrad degree.. WOW.. .. my dreams of studyin in overseas wor... BUT it's out of my field of interest wor... cos im aiming at either child psy or clinical psychology..
haha.. kiv la..

ohya.. the most important thing is..
the trainer, by the name of Gerald Shruffried.. ( the 3rd generation of the founder of this system) he is from austria..
charming looks. that killing smile. when i shake hands with him, his sincere greetings...
attractive eyes and facial features.. wow.
but shit, his austrian accent is annoying. haha..
but anyway..
he did keep me "focused" in that training session for about 4-5 hours, without any complaints..

back to college.. attended some tiring classes and headed home.
damn.. my shoes are burning the balls of my feet.
so damn painful
and my bag.
@#$#&^$$*$$%$!*%% i really really fuckin needing to buy a proper bag and proper pair of shoes to work..........Damn

ohya... today yunyun cooked again :)
feels so "bahagia-nya"
:) got soup too leh.. haih..
shall we hire her to cook for dinner everyday?
so she wont need to go find jobs..
haha.. if we pay 300 per pax monthly.. her income would be attactive!!


4th day of work

today is like hell .. haha nola. not that serious:)
just that i followed Mr. Bala to his class.. 3 classes in a row.. damn without break
and it's altogether 6 hours.... 6 hours ar.........
usually when i was a student, i either enter class half hour late.. or i talk non stop in class..
but in his class. i need to take care of my image in front of the students.
hence.. even if i want to yawn also i suppress it gao-gao.. haih..
6 hours is killing me..
especially all 3 classes is tutorials of different group.. that means
he repeated every single thing in the 1st class to the 2nd and then to the 3rd class..
including the examples he used..
the jokes he told..
all 3 classes the same.....
i feels like i've been watching same movie for 3 times.... in a row.... without any breaks...
(cos 1 class=2 hours.. 1 movie= approxiamtely 2 hours)..

haih. i skipped my lunch again today.
so you wont be surprise to see me slim down next time when u meet me..
haha.. good news for me in some way.

anyway, Mr. Bala is kind enough to drive me back to wangsa-maju lrt station.
but i really really paiseh la.. cos since the 1st day of work i've been troubling him at ALL TIMES..
he shared with me some experience when he was pursuing his master
in somewhere near New Orleans..arww.... so damn shuang..:)
tonight yunyun cook again.. damn.... so nice leh..
the coca-cola chicken.. i must tell you this... it's more than finger-licking good..
i bet even if the chicken falls on table also... it's table-licking good!!
and the lady's finger.... and soup... and the tofu thingy..
hug u tight tight.. and muax muax muax muax muax..
wish u will cook again soon ^^

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