Thursday, September 4, 2008

busy busy busy

long time dint blog liao.. i was so busy..
for the past several weeks,
my schedule was packed with activities..

1. attended 3 course/seminar ... Expressive therapy module 4 + effective classroom management + and tar college open day marketing training seminar.

(the 1st one is my all time favourite.. yet travelling from wangsa maju to old klang road is tiring and costly to me.. there goes my rm900.

the 2nd is sponsor by the college.... the funny thing is, the seminar aims to enhance our classroom management skills so that classes are interesting ans alive, yet.. during the 2 day course... all of us were bored to death..so it aint as EFFECTIVE as they claimed to be afterall.

the 3rd also sponsor by the college.. to equipe us with information of the different schools/courses/programs/fees etc so that we can promote the college during open days, exhibition, roadshows, edu fair etc to sapu as many innocent students as possible..
so during the 2 day course, head of respective schools talk about their schools.. the program provided etc.. some were way too complicated and boring.. especially those loaded with technical terms beyond my understanding.

anyway did get benefits from 3 seminars mentioned above.
they keep serving food.. and not ordinary food, those were nice one, in other words, irresistable.
we were served morning tea at 10am then listen to ppl ngum ngum ngum then lunch at 1230pm then sleep in class for a while while listening to lullaby then ..haha.. tea break again at 3pm..
no wonder im gaining weight again.

yet. it's a good learning platform for me to brush up my interpersonal skills as well as public speaking. as there are many presentation session.. sometimes i was "volunteer-ed" by my group mates to present in front of others. ( others= over 100 staffs, ranging from lecturers to doctors to professors who are much much more experienced than me... im like a tiny naive baby ant in front of them)

2. french class

although it's only once a week, it does sucks up my mental and physical energy.. i like it very much, and i like our trainer damn damn much, he teaches us for free.. i mean we dont have to pay him and the college did not pay him either.... "salute!!!"
because of that, i practice hard de.. trying to pout my mouth and lips into sexy sexy shapes just to get the pronounciation correct.. and everytime i repeat certain word, it sounds different.. damn .. no consistencies..haha..
our trainer, Redha once ask me, why do you love french?
(because french is a beautiful language)

dont be so amazed about that.. i dint say that out of my own intention.. i just say what he teaches la.. including the dialogue above. haha

anyway. the number of students getting smaller and smaller. i fear that the class will dismiss soon. as i told u Redha teaches us without recieving any pay, he might just stop the class if there are fewer and fewer students. if college pay, then maybe he has the obligation to remain teaching la.
anyway. after chatting with him (sometimes i went to class very early. so just me and him there)..i was told that he knew more than 5 languages.. spanish, italian, french, germany, etc other than his english-which-sounds-like-french..

3. convocation

hmm.. last weekend was busy for my convocation.. happy that my whole family came to support me.. and daddy and brother melvin were so unusually patient about the whole ceremony. little brothers enjoyed themselves, like watching Harry Potter.. (because graduans dressed in gowns, and robes. and vips also dressed in funny funny costumes.. haha so the whole hall looks like the witch school.
anyway, will upload pictures later... now lazy.

2 days after that, me and my family went to take studio potrait. it was damn damn fun because all 3 brothers of mine plus my dad wear coat, and tie, christopher wears a bow tie !!... it was very very very very cute to look at them dressing like that.. arw.... i love my macho and charming little brothers.... muax muax muax muax.. the photo wil be ready in october.. so i will definately post it here.... (our family potrait so nice, must hao-lian here).

4. exam invigilation

my students are having their exam week, so we, as lecturers need to invigitate lo.. and invigilation duty is so damn boring. i never realize this when i was in university.. pity those lecturers.. they have to walk and walk and wait and wait for 2 hours. and that 2 hours kill my patience... damn... other than distributing/collecting question papers and answer booklets and a piece of thread too short for those last-minute-only-cram-for-exam students to commit suicide, picking up student's pencils/pen/erasers/attendance slips/question paper/bottle/id card/exam slip/etc which fell on the floor.. sometimes i need to escort students to washroom too if the assistant is busy. and the trip from the exam hall to toilet is quite far... imagine the exam venue on 4th floor.... i remember well when i was struggling to walk down the stairs in my heels that kills, the student turn to me and said " miss, sorry har... need to take me go toilet.. " broken english but touched my heart a bit la..
so each of us were assigned 8 sessions of duty, scattered around 2 weeks. i had gone thru 2 of them , 6 more to go.. damn.

5. going back to utar

need to go back to utar to certify my certs, testimonials, result transcripts etc.. hope can appeal to Ptptn so that they waive my loan for being a 1st class graduate. but i heard most probably they wont cos from my batch onwards, they changed rule liao.. i dunno la.. just try.. wont try wont know.

6. friends gatherin.

meet some old friends from high school. havent see them for so many years liao.. kinda wierd feeling, but after warming up.. that sense of closeness comes back again. i cherish each and everyone of u, hope u guys have fun in whateva u do and all the best. anyhow, everytime go for gathering also remind me of my long lost friend- fanzoo chinglee.
just wanna let her know that (if she have the chance to read this). i miss her like crazy. i realy really wish she would at least reply my message, since no one can contact her right now, dunno what she's doing, dunno if there is anythin happen to her or not.suddenly disappear liao.. just wanna tell her that she is a frequent intruder in my dreams.. that i miss her so much sometimes just thinkin of her would bring tears to my eyes. alright, aint gonna go deeper, my eyes are misty now.

7. many task in my "to-do-list"

haih.. preparing for the next semester lo, wil be taking 2 papers..
need i say more?

8. TOEFL exam is around the corner.

i'll be sitting for the exam with roomate peipei in 28th september.
two words to describe -----> SEI GARNG ( translate from cantonese: sure die)

9. tight budget

now i'll be paying mummy 500 per month, planning to send didi christopher to learn some musical instrument. planning to buy a violin, planning to buy willy's phone for didi cos the phone he is using was so old dy, cant really function well liao. haih.. many things in my wish list as well leh... i wana curl my hair, wana go shopping and sapu gao gao, wanna go for permanently remove my ugly hair on both legs.. wana go to the beach!!!!! wanna unwind and have fun.. wanna....... etc
but cannot stil, cos october there is another course again, expressive therapy last module.. must must must pay 900 and finish the whole thing so that i can get a stupid cert for my future purposes...
life is tough, isnt it?

10. i wil survive!!
pray for me la. thanks

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