Sunday, February 22, 2009

CNY lou-sang with buddies

called up close buddies to gather in wangsa house
-------> lou-sang la!!!!

we had some simple food dabao from downstairs' stalls..
some sort of fried mee fried rice ala hokkien and cantonese.
when you have great friends around, doesnt matter what you gorge into your stomach.

still well-soaked in CNY mood.. such ineffable joy we had while we played firecrackers...
thanks willy for dabao-ed some kfc to satisfy our taste buds.
(looks like he kena molested or what)... yet stil look happy la
lil princess picked the firecrackers gingerly, keeping the furthest distance from her body. adui. david showed no emotions on his face.
now too much

ooh.. kafai's espression here was classic!
love her smile. so natural and sunny~
felt insatiated, we bought some beers..
so, the god father of all alcoholics..
someone damn creative, use tea cups to drink carlsberg. thought sake meh?

another genius. mixed with crysanthanum tea
great bunch of friends, great night ..one of those indelible memories of mine.


Anonymous said...

hey! I want those pics lar!! always so kedekut keep to youself!!!!argh!!

butter said...

copy paste la pls... that's why ppl write blogs.

when wanna drink again? thirsty eh