Wednesday, March 4, 2009


it's been a long while darlin yao yao stuck his butt here in kay-ell, acting more like a KL-ian compared to the local me... not fair, i lost my way in KL too often, and he's often the one leading me, showing which way i should go, which bus to take, which turn to make, which station for lrt n monorails... thought he might miss his original habitat, i proposed we should have a vacation back in his hometown. so, on one fine friday we headed south.

the more-than-5-hours-bus-trip kills me everytime. im not keen on long travel by public transport. it makes me ill and giddy, causing nausea n migraines, i dont wanna niggle on those details, you see?.

we reached at about 6 somethin.. waited for his parents to close their photo shop. and rushed for dinner. his parents brought me to a place where his mom calls it " fei1 tian1 yun2 tun1 mian4" in english----> fly sky wantan mee. yes, literally, the mee is flewn up vertically by the hawker whom i salute him as 'sifu', till it almost or already touches the ceiling, and plunged down, collected precisely by a bowl and then served to us...
sounds inhygiene? try not to think too much while eating out in mamak or stalls.
as chinese sayings mentioned "big germs digest small germs"
whos to know who processes your food and how and why and what goes into your delicious meals even you're in a damn high end restaurants?

after that "family reunion" dinner. (as yao havent had dinner with his parents for god knows how long), yao brought me to this romantic place...~ danga bay~(as it's been awhile since we last pak-toh dy... haih.. no thanks to our hectic schedules)


found a nice spot for us to make out, er.. i mean chill out.
it's named blue bayou... nice atmosphere.soft breeze from the beach.. had some beer. some old hunk sings while playing on his guitar. it was damn damn relaxing and comfy. i didnt wanna go back. that old hunk's voice is just damn mesmerizing. m totally in love with this place. the guards in the zoo aint efficient enough.. u see the one left unlocked?my mexicana hat~ oi oi o. mistress potato.. the ship in which yao's friend had their wedding dinner on. romantic hor?
but those guests who turned up late would be sad lo. cos i heard that the ship boards on time.
imagine me wearing wedding gown, and my carelessness n stupidity caused me to slip and fell and there goes another rose. i'll think of another awesome venue for my wedding which is more safe-concerned. on a jet? may i? or in spaceship? what bout sub?
saturday morn~
i was awake the whole night before. had insomnia...
anyhow managed to drag myself to have breakfast with yao and family
we had yao's 2nd wife----> kueh-tiao-kia.
could hardly find this in KL. let me know if you guys knew a place which serves this.
as a newbie to keuh-tiao-kia, i learnt to like the taste of it because of yao.
would like to try it again and again whenever im in jb.

then we headed to a hill. and this aint any ordinary hill,
according to yao's father this is bukit bendera, or somesort of kite hill.
such a coincidence these ppl up there are having the "international kite festival"
many countries participate in this.. japan, aussi, us, germany, etc.. i dunno. i think so.

see the lamp post? it's malaysian traditional kite--wao. Wao is not wow, though it's pronounced as wow. but it aint anything that you would wow at.
my fav kite with that flirty expression was aftering the kite beside, asking for msn add gua, i supposed.hmm.. should i get a better cam?
found that the pics in my blog aint as interesting as how i described them to be.
as you can see below, it's like the underwater world. we have mr. sotong the squid, and ms. cuttlefish, lil nemo, mr. too-cute-for-a- shark, octopus and sea horse.. well it aint clear here in the pic.. my fault.that sperm-like thingy is supposed to look more like a cobra.
see that ED tiger? (yes im refering to erectile dysfunction)
took quite a long time to rose from the ground. and to the max, the mighty tiger stil cant find his way up, thus this half-sleep-half-meditate-posture.
oo.. another fav of mine.. see this line? look closer.. it's actually made of made small kites tied adjacent to each another.. (cuttle-fish-look-alike) this is from korea.
it formed a ladder way up to the stratosphere. i think this was designed as such inspired by the famous koread soap drama--- stairway to heaven?
lil frog turned up under the sea~that two lil red thing looks like rambutans which hairs had just been shaved.no idea whether this is consider as a kite or else.
yet yao adore it so much that he decided a transplant.nothing special bout this nemo skin, it's merely used as a background so as the colors of my dress stands out. saturday afternoon.. we had this famous mee rebus near...........xxxxx (dementia? amnesia? ... i forgot the place, it's somewhere near the customs.. near to my friend (lilo and fion)'s high school, based on tour guide--yao.
im not sure it's due to the food, or my hungry pangs..

on the last day (sunday), we went to jusco!! .. jusco in jj kinda huge, compared to the tiny mini humble lil alpha angle jusco here in wangsa maju. it was uncle's birthday so..
we had lunch in manhattan........ manhattan's fish market.
i cant remember what name of the dish we ordered.. but it's flaming something XXXX.. and other platters.. as always, i love the food here, as much as i love their mocha.
taste great!!

i was very much inclined to this...such a sweet n lovely vintage window display, xiangyao's friend own this florist shop..im totally in love with it.
the most valuable things in yao's room ---> yao's collection of................something which would hardly relates to him. i bet he havent read any 10 of these..
and i think his many years of collection was for me. ahem~
anyhow this is his real passion~
so yao got infected by my contagious disease--> cam-whoring in front of the mirror.
notice yao's dog (by the way, his name is sei2 ye1, in english---> bastard, nop.. er.. i dunno how to translate, it's rather mean)
happily got myself some new miniatures..im having more and more miniatures in my collection.
used it for expressive therapies... used it in my class, used it for my students' activities... they like em so much. as i told you before symbols, or miniatures/ figurines are powerful tools in psychotherapy. ppl identifies with these symbols as representation of themselves of someone they know and kinda project their emotions, thoughts onto em. recieved many positive feedbacks in using this as part of counseling sessions. (maybe i should post more bout my symbols/figurines/miniatures here in my blog to hao-lian (show-off) to you guys.
my fav-->

packed up and headed back to Kay-el again.

m so lazy to work.


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