Friday, April 10, 2009

what would you do when you're all stressed up?

this week aint no ordinary week.

at work place, we were so stressed up as some government qualification body will visit our college to review on the course units we're teaching. hmm. it is actuallly more serious than how i describe it here. we recieved orders that it is compulsory for us to sign in 8.30 am in the morning and leave office at about 5pm each day for consecutive 3 days!! @#$&^%$

hey. but that's what working ppl do what.

they start and end workin at this time what.

who m i to complain now about the hussles and tiredness we had durin this 3 days. hmm..

i should have lots and lots of gratitude in my job.. really.

m lucky to have to wake up naturally by my own bio clock, have one or two classes and head home all these while. or even just to sign in by day without having any class on particular days and then home sweet home again. i wonder how m i gonna survive if i were to change my job to any other9-5s .

so.. these 3 days were exceptions to my honey moon job.

when you're so tensed up for certain big function and responsibilities. what would you do?

cherish the beauty of mother nature. if you were made to pull yaself out of da bed unwillingly,

take deep breath in the crisp of morning breeze, have gratitude in the magnificent view of sun-rise and tell yaself, this is it... good day ahead. bonjour~ today is gonna be a lucky day for me!!

something related to the law of attraction la.. will attract more good things in ya life if you are thinkin of the positives and feeling positives kononnya. anyway, though thinking positive and feeling positive, i lost my office keys today... perhaps i didnt thought hard enough.

darling yao ask me to help him in this jack pot thingy.

tada! i won the highest number of tokens. yes. using the power of visualization and positive thoughts. believe it or not. maybe will try again the same technique someday in genting casino.

by da way, having said bout the law of attraction, i explained this well-known thingy to lil brother christopher one day in bus. thus we experiment it and it turns out to be ...true!!

in random i asked didi to imagine what color of shirt will his violin teacher wear that night when he will be having his violin class that night. he just simply answered.... red? and i think he tried very hard in visualizing and believing what he imagine...

he called me that night saying that her violin teacher really wears red that night. chill down my spine. nyways.. will talk more bout this 'law of attraction' in my coming blogs la.. now not in the right mood.

loiter-ed in the library acting literate, and grabbed some souvenirs back.

these books are trully interesting i can say.

imagine yourself, just out from shower, lingered with that scent of sweet baby body shampoo .....

curled up in ya comfy bed reading some of these......

while rejuvenating and invigorating ya tired skin....

(hey, who doesnt look wierd in masks.)

im not sure bout other gals. (i think majority will agree with what i say here)

when im doing facials or skin-caring/ hair treatment/ pedicure/ manicure/ lotion-ing/..

i feel great like im treating myself good, pampering myself, or in other words, loving myself..

that boost level of endorphine :)


check our my newly-renovated office,
received a very thoughtful gift from the publisher, wiley..
it's a ......

stick-on notes... i lurrrrrveeeee stick-on notes.
i use em as book marks, as cue cards to improve on my french.. to leave loving messages to yao..
as reminder... and many more... thus this gift from wiley is quite handy :) enamored!
in my office


lastly, the ultimate way to unwind when you're tired/down/bored/tensed/etc...
im goin to poppy tonight!!!!!!!!!
will update more pics soon.

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WaNsIa said...

relax my dear friend... take care always~ i am tired too... tired in scl works as well as enjoying life... hahaha...