Thursday, June 25, 2009


been sick really.
very sick.
not h1n1 dont worry.

got my mc to prove my alibi.
haha.. but one thing i found,
being a lecturer,
getting a sick leave is nothing exciting.
as i need to dig other time to replace those classes.
not to mention,
the kinda look i could expect from my student's face
when im telling them about replacement on their holy saturday.

i try my best not to place the classes on saturday.
but it all depends on the availability/scarcity of classes in
the mighty large tarc

if we really have no choice,
hope you guys can understand la hor..
thanks for all the concerns anyway


WaNsIa said...

take care o my dear friend~
i just recover from sick also...
NOT H1N1 as well of coz... hahaha... get well soon ya~ ^___^

butter said...

we must o.. when recover liao we go makan makan big big.

Anonymous said...

an apple a day keeps the doctor away... but if the doctor is cute like me.... just forget the apple... haha...

Long lost fren..Batz..

butter said...

haha... batz wanna play doctor with me hor.... tsk tsk naughty

Anonymous said...

lolz... how dare i play doctor with u... u will psycho me with your talking skills and i'll be seeing stars in the sky instead...Talk to me about circuits..and codes.. then u'll be seeing stars... haha..naughty butterflyz