Wednesday, June 25, 2008


i woke up so damn early these 3 days.. 6am.nop 6.15am> 6.30am...cos i put my alarm in snooze mode..:)took lrt and then taxi ..course starts at 9am-5pm...after that. went home. dinner. kepoh.. sleep..



oh... more elaboration ?

alright alright...

in lrt

if any of us have had this experience before, need i say more?
but for those who never specticulate how human can actually squeeze themselves in different forms just to get themselves into the train..and here u can see the closest distance.. an invisible bond for human being.. for that 1 hour.. i get to smell all sorts of underarms of different ages. races. sexes.different scents..
i dont mind if someone using dkny-bedelicious or paco rabance-ultraviolet.. or tommy hilfiger-true star..... but always, that's not the case.. often some cheap "minyak wangi de toilett" haha.. cause migraine summore.. haha..
and at most times.. ppl dont get to get into the train because there aint any spaces left inside the train..so... there are also times when there is too many ppl coming out from the train... leaving more spaces in the train ( sounds like good news right?) BUT then because the great number of ppl coming out of the train also took a great number of time in doing so... thus before ppl from outside can happily get into the train to fill in the spaces inside the train.. the door..CLOSED. ..
to put it short... PACKED.


if u know me well. u would remember that it's one of my fear to take taxi ride.
haha.. thanks to my parents' advice, and the newpaper.. and many forward-mail. haha.. whenever im in a taxi. can stop thinkin what bad things would the driver do to me. haih.. but luckily it's not too long a distance from taman jaya lrt station to agape counselling centre. and it costs me rm 5.30 or rm 4.50 or somewhere in between for the ride.

that leads me to talk about agape counselling centre


so. this is the place i was assigned to for my previous internship.
cool place. from there i knew about this EXPRESSIVE THERAPY.. so due to my passion and believe in it's effectiveness... i took the course conducted in conjuction with EXPRESSIVE THERAPIES INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA by director and founder of the therapy, MARK PEARSON.

it consists 5 3-days module spread over a year.
so total up is 15 days to get me a therapist certificate. sounds cool?

so what is this course all about.


to aid client so release their emotional concerns, unfinished business, inner conflict, happy recollections.
usually ppl always think that those who went for psychotherapy or counselling must be someway insane? having problems? depressed? weak? insufficient?

that's the common misperception la.
though most ppl also come for therapy in search of help in some kind. they can also get the chance to learn more about themselves.. their own strengths.. and perhaps discover some unknown talents? and potential?


during the course.
there are many breaks.. tea breaks together with kuih" and some desserts..
opps.. nop .. what i mean is.. during the course
many things were taught.

how to handle traumatic clients?
exploring family issues which is damn important in shaping a person's personality and directions in actions. etc. as well as
relaxation techniques. and self explorations. etc.

Mark share some of his cases with us as well as inviting us to experience ourselves the content and activities of the therapy.. which at first was kinda embarassing but in the end... FUN FUN FUN

well. to me , he is a great trainer, who have a great capacity to love and care and accept others. :) appreciate so much when he did wrote me a recommendation letter for my future use :D

during some roleplay and sharing session.. i did release some of my worries and sad emotions through some symbolworks.. i gained some strength to somehow do somethin about this negative part of me. and also gained some courage and faith in myself to really step forward to settle some conflicting issues and as well making tough decisions.. i know i need to move on. but im scared too.. and acknowledgin that fear and doubt inside me is already a step forward.


i've made some decision...tough decision in my life.
and learn to ...let go.

ps. i'll talk more about this emotional release/expressive therapies if anyone of you are interested. leave me a message in comments column.. or if anyone feels like want to try it out.. dont hesitate to contact me.. i can assure u it is safe and non threatening.. u dont have to do things u feel uncomfortable with:) and there is no right or wrong in this therapy.. just be yourself.

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