Friday, June 20, 2008

hire me please...

it's been a long while im graping at home.. (butter's dictionary: grape n. a green or purple berry growing in clusters, used for making wine. graping v. "menganggur" in Bahasa Melayu)

during my birthday this year, on the 10th of june, i went for my 1st interview in Tar College. everything went on smoothly and then after several days of waiting.. they called me for a 2nd interview.

so.. i just continue to knit spider-web at home while waiting for the day to come... 20th june 2008.

basically, it is today la... i wake up so early in the morning, woke by the alarm ringtone from my mobile phone, my roomate tingting, and my housemate edwin:) and after that i also receives some wake up calls from xy and josh. i know it seems a bit too much for having so many "alarm clocks" but hey, it's me... it's caren they're waking up... would never be as easy as you think. because every morning.. i'll be glued to my bed.. even when im consciously awake.. so u might need to really "pull" me out.. slap me.. splash pails of water.. or do whatever u can think of..
but to be frank la... my best wake up calls would be..

1. kiss me gently on my cheeks about a hundred and twenty eight times.
2. learn from my mummy's technique.. she'll keep nagging and nagging and nagging in a low amplitude.. not too loud.. and i would be very curious and though im inside my blanket, i wil consciously.. intentionally listen to what this old lady got to say.. and then..im awake:)

alright.. i drag too far from the topic..
then i made myself a warm.. nutritious breakfast:)
picture the eggs scrambled.. and overcooked.. and then turned to black colour. so this is basically what i had for today's breakfast. i topped it with some cheddar cheese and a slice of bread.

hmm.. let's move to another scene. the place im interviewed.
it's a conference room... it took 5 minutes of walking distance from the side entrance of tar college:) and in a dusty, hot weather. my back drenched in sweats.. and im wearing a white formal shirt. so.. stop imaginin.

then i was asked to sit in a very well air-conditioned room together with other candidates..altogether 4 of them. all masters holder.. damn..suddenly i feel so inferior to them.. haih.. one of them was a lecturer in Utar. haha.

so they called my name and i walked in . with a smile (try so hard to squeeze a smile in order to act relax and attentive)

6 interviewers. the principal, vice principal, head of registras, head of school of social science n humanities. another 2 i cant listen carefully but they are also one of those significant ppl la.. can see by the way they look. plus a representative from human resource department.


their tea pot and cups are those of old english type.. with gold lining.elegantly siting right infront of each and every one..

they actually dint ask me much questions and the principal and me myself are the one that speaks majority in that session..
number of questions asked: no more than 5.

so the last question was" do you have any question?"
i answered. "yes. when can i start working?"

she said" oh.. haha... u are available in anytime right?.. we'll call u .. u just have to wait , okay?"

.......( haih.. wait again.. )

sigh.. now back to my condo and just continue spider web-ing and grape-ing.. help me pray that i get that job k?...muacks..

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dE WateR guY said...

ummm.. if u get too tired of graping, come over here.. u can do oil palming.. :P

about the interview, dont worry about the utar lecturer.. they suck.. :P not all la.. most of them.. hahaha...

remember to drink more H20 k.. c",)