Friday, July 25, 2008

bon jour~~~

lately kinda free..
cos i only need to sign in before 2pm for weekdays..
and before 10.30 am on saturday..
and i dont need to sign out... :)
so lately i've been waking up a bit late, went to college a bit late.
and return home a bit early..
im like a free free butterfly right now.

i've begin to take charge of some classes dy.
at 1st i was so nervous.. my hands trembled when i stood in front of the whole class.
but now i think im slowly gettin over my nerves.
preparation is damn important.
so ..
i know i would definately be busy very very very soon

besides preparing for every class.
i need to mark assignments..
and you know what?
it's not as easy as you may think.
sometimes i really feel like ranting and scratch a big big "X"
cos they never cite the sources.. as if they come up with the whole damn thing.
and 2nd.. the language is.. er... im not trying to say i expect 100% error-free-english
cos me myself is not perfect in english..
but at least,
write something which i can really understand

another thing is i need to prepare for next semester's course structure.
set midterms and finals question
as well as to plan for their coursework
for 2 damn subjects.
and i know there is more to learn..

yea.. i've regestered myself for TOEFL examination
the date of examination would be 28 Sept 2008.
so. i need to prepare for it starting now.
hmm.. not now..
now im stil bloggin
maybe later.

and... one more good news..
i've just register my name to join the French Class
startin August.
so .. every thursday 5-6.30pm i wil be bon-jour-ing
you know what.?
i've always been longing to learn french..
but. due to financial constrains.. haha
and these classes im going to attend.
---------> is FREE FOR STAFFS!!!!!!!!!!!
that means i DONT HAVE TO PAY A CENT!!! wow.. wow..
but i know it's just introductory level only la..
who cares..
as long as i learn French ..
so that i can "French ^*^ " even better.. haha( yea... you get what i mean?)

to be serious,
i miss those activities below so damn much

1. starbucks-ing
2. clubbing
3. sing k-ing
4. sakae sushi-ing
5. wendy's - ing
6. beach-ing
7. sauna-ing and stim-ing
8. BBQ with gang!!!!!!
9. or steam boat also can la

my life is a bit too dull right now

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