Thursday, July 31, 2008

my happiest day @ work ( so far)

as usual i slept until the sun shine on my butt only wake up, and headed to college
so the 1st thing would be signing in (as usual)
and the 2nd would be, checking my pigeon hole
(it's actually looks like a mail box with locks)

and you know what i've found?

it's 31st July...
it means end of the stupid month..


I"VE GOT PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahaha.. 1st time ever i recieved this thingy called- "pay slip"
haha.. not that i never worked before but,
previously those were all part time jobs.. so i either recieved a check or paid cash immeiately,
with some sort of receipt as well la.. hand written one summore..


i have this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and im starting to collect this kinda thing next month again, and the month after next
... nice right. haha

so.. stil need to wait for about 4 weeks from now.. to get the 2nd one...
this is the painful part.

but i love my job.

damn love my job.

ohya.. forgot to tell ya that..
lately.. im in love with these..

bought these from jusco midvalley..
i 1st had it from sakae sushi.. it's name is Edamame
then charlene told me that she ate these to slim down her body..
and she also recommend that i bought my own and cook it myself.
so it's more cost effective.

as i so wish to get rid of those extra flabby flabby fats off my thighs..
so sometimes i had it for my dinner..

but sigh. cant get it here in alpha-angle-jusco

but i just love it..


1 comment:

naga said...

dun worry once i get found edamame i ll sapu all home :)