Friday, August 8, 2008

mel in hospital

tis is mel. in his sunnies on a bright sunny day.

my brother melvin, age 21 involved in a car accident near my house
on 4 august, sunday.
it was 12am in wee hours.. dad recieved the call and rushed to the scene.
the car was overturned to the side... ( T.T my dear 285)
it was bumped by an indian driver, driving his almighty kancil..
he ran away after the incident and never bother to stop to help those injured.
damn. touch and go?

nothing much to say.
so he was then admitted to University Hospital a.k.a PPUM
9th floor of orthopaedic ward ( yaoyao was in the same building, 8th floor anyway)..

Mel hurt his arm and lower waist.
not too serious but the cut on his arm was too deep
thus still need to go through some microsurgery too

hmm. was about to be operated on the OT (operation table) on monday morning 9am
but then the whole operation cancelled because his ECG reading was unstable,
means his heart beats like stock market.

he then was operated on tuesday:) luckily.
and i think he is fine:)

hmm... sometimes it needs somethin to really give a whack on the side of one's head
for one to turn into an ADULT, right?
a valuable lesson to learn, my dear bro.

by da way, he is a charming hairstylist.. just hope his hand recover fast enough
for him to start "playin" with his pair of scissors again ( jugglin, flippin, spinning, etc)

just want you to know, we all love ya,
mama. papa. christopher. siong siong and also ya sis, me..


Louv J. said...

your brother's gon be fine in no time. he has my blessings too (=

and you, gotta take care as well.

butter said...

thx dear :)