Thursday, July 31, 2008

am i thinner now??

today is the last day of blood donation campaign in tar college.
i have no class for today.
so i asked my superior when i signed in
is it alright for me to go for blood donation right after i signed in?

she said,
since u dont have class, u can even go home after signing in
so there i go...
heading to the hall. registered myself
and .. donated blood!!

(Picture shown: i think is somesort of starter pack gua.
consist of my particular forms, a bag to contain my bloog and 3 tubes for blood examination

it's the 3rd time i donate my fresh fresh sweet blood.

the 1st time was in Catholic High School pj. my high school
with my gals..
the nurse cant find my blood vessel.
she said it was too small.
but finally after squeezing and tapping and etc.
she managed to find it.
i remembered daddy stop me from going
but i decided to rebel once.
and when i reach home.

mummy cook all those nutritious food for me
can "compensate for my blood-loss konon-nya"
and she also gave me some bottles of chicken essence tim!!

the 2nd time was in UTAR,
with gang.
yaoyao was right beside me. taking good care of me.
we even saw a gal who does not feels well after her donation,
her arm was covered fully with fresh blood.
i think it's because she dint appl pressure properly right on that spot right after
the needle was taken out.

that scares me.
but all the while, im alright la.
it's just that my blood flows very slowly.

so this is the 3rd time.
i went to the hall all alone.
abit sien .

trying to catch up with other students.
we chat a little and i made some friends there..

my blood flows very fast.
i think it's about 350ml.
so i've got to chat with a student beside me,
she was nervous as this's her 1st time :)
i just told her about my 1st time of donating and how do i feel
and what to take cautious on... etc.
and we even took pictures haha.. ( i think her name is xiao ching or what. cant remember)


(picture: my bag or blood!!!! dunno can feed how many mosquitoes... haha it's quite warm u know..)

haha.. almost forgot.. i've got a goodies bag too!!!! and the most important thing is... i came home very very very early today oh..
about 12 something :)

i wonder am i abit more thinner now?

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