Tuesday, December 30, 2008


hi all , wait wait,
need to clear these spider webs 1st..
long time dint post anything here dy.
Pour quoi?
1. somehow the cable that connect my camera phone to the pc is
not functioning properly. thus, lotsa new pictures of mine were still buried in my phone..
2. i was extremely busy... assignments, mid terms, presentations, finals..
nop nop not my assignments, but my students...
yea. im busy marking them ...till vomit. but glad now, im done with them.
finished my syllabus and now it's time for me to take a deep breath before i start a new semester again in march.
hmm... must do some brief flashback before we hoop into 2009 tomorrow..
these are some summary on what i did/ experienced/ saw/ whateva:
1. i permed my hair. but it's not so curly. it's like naturally wavy. get what i mean? told ya i still have pictures in my phone dont worry.
2. i dyed my hair. haha.. not so obvious either, i cant afford to choose a bright or light colour because it needs constant touch-ups or else i'll look like some aunties in pasar malam with 2/ 3 tones hair. brother melvin mixed the colour for me, suits my skin tone quite well.. it's emm.. ( according to mel, some rasberry plus brown plus ash-ey colours.. well, no idea)
3. i received flowers and chocolates from my students!!!! it's touching.. really.
haha.. good lecturer--> good students!! ahemm.. had many sweet memories with my students anyway.
4. during the last class of (one of my tutorial classes) , all of my students in that class wear christmas hat. COOL, and they brought a raindeer hair band for me too... so we had the class on wearing these... WOW. i like it honestly.
took some pictures after the class, and they even sing some christmas carols etc..
5. my neck grew longer and longer waiting for my bonus.... pray hard it's a big one.
6.it's school holidays so my 2 lil' brothers came to my house in wangsa maju to sleep-over.. they had great fun i supposed :) love them much much.. christopher was so attached to the kotori chicks pc game and shawn was glued to xiangyao's comics..
7. im paying for lil brother christopher's violin lessons now.. to me, it's a proud thing for me to hao-lian (show-off) here. i'd always wish i can learn violin one day. but giving my lil bro chance to learn it 1st and then teach me later make me more altruistic, and kind... muahahaa..and someday, we can play musical instrument together, nice?
8. had the best christmas celebration with yao
he owed me 2 christmas before this, and this year...... we went to alexis ampang.
gosh im so in love with the place and the food and the performance, (they had this live band and vocal performing jazz and some carols. damn nice)
we just pampered ourselves in those tantalizing gourmet, swaying music, and nice le vin rouge, Bordeaux.. nice:) that was the 1st time i tried beef.. which is very very delicieux leh... it's raw, sliced in thin thin slices, Capaccio.. we also had some foie gras.. hmm.. but i dont think im into it.. i just took half. and errk...it's certainly a memorable night for both of us.
9. it's my semi holiday now... haha.. since i finished all the syllabus, im only required to go to college, signed in and then go home.. then, for cny.. will have a longer holiday. feb 9-14... maybe more.. but im not too excited though i would have to prepare for my GRE test.. well, because i was way too busy to focus on the preperation and this test is a no-play-play test.. (tough ), i reshedule my test date from 8th january to 12nd february... burnt a hole in my pocket too. the rescheduling fees was 50 (USD)... argggghhh.. what to do. need to "invest" for my dream .i think i do not need to mention what is my dream here..
10.. tomorrow is new year , a lot of thoughts in my mind, can hardly describe how i feel........... (my brain getting rustier cos long time dint blog.) erggg... i just hope that, i will get smarter, slimer, prettier, richer next year.
and i apologize on whateva mistake i did this year to those people i offended, hurt, upset, and disappointed..

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