Saturday, January 10, 2009

leftovers from last year

it's a whole junk of some leftovers last year... would be a bit wasted if i didnt show it up here.. haha. hope you guys can interpret well from pictures as m not gonna write long long stories here... coz you guys knew me well, once started.. i just couldnt stop.. and it'l be too much for ya to digest then. there you go, some random shots here and there as i promised.

wonderful sunrise from my window that marks my day, everyday.. :)

erm sunset from my window too! :) so now you know why i cant concentrate studyin my gre. hmmph..

some other picture that doesnt make sense..

guess you know what this is..

what amaze me is the button of the elevator

hmm.. not so "children/shorty-user-friendly" is it?

@ One U .. i was sick..

huggin my pillow. surfin the net

then the big pillow came and hug his small pillow

jing yen's boy's birthday.. err. forgot his name suddenly.
@ siang's house
came back early from work, kinda bored, so ..
from alexis ampang (christmas eve :)


@ alexis
1st Jan 2009.. tired after a long day of...?

butter again..

ma studentzzz!!!!!!!!! they're cute, they're noisy, they're warm, they're lovely!!!


WaNsIa said...

nice pictures...
interesting life...
jiayou my dear friend~ ^^

butter said...

thx oh.. you too yea