Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blow~ me away

lately, wind blows damn strongly around the place i stay..
hmm.. ask my housemates.. they were annoyed by the noise of the frequent-doors-banging, freaky ghostly sound resulted from the wind blowing thru windows and doors etc. and also papers and notes that are flying around blown by the strong wind.
besides all these inconvenience, the weather reminds me of beaches, and a long-awaited vacation..it's a good weather for laundry. barely an hour, our clothes will dried up with that crispy sunshine smell :) love it!

picture 1& 2: in our room.. roomate pei and me are trying to capture the scene where our curtain was blown up high by the wind. most of the time it reaches the ceiling. but what i can captured are these.. seems not as strong in photos huh?

Picture 3 & 4,
goin out to the college ( just to sign in and ciao.. @-@)
my hair..... erggggggggghhh.. by the time i reached college, i have nice and sexy well-messed-up hairstyle.. which brother melvin would try decades of styling to achieve this effect.

yesh, as written in my chat box..
(dear wind, pls blow me away, or blow GRE away, either one will do..
then i do not have to sit for the exam. it's mentally and physically straining me..)
YET, im so lazy to touch my book and study for it. damn damn damn damn
who's the one to be blamed? ~~ the wind of course.


WaNsIa said...

haha... why blame wind wor...
anyway, jiayou o... all the best~ ^__^

butter said...

because i cant find anything beside the wind to be blamed.
thanks sweetie... will miss ya always!!!!