Sunday, January 18, 2009

LOVE-ly watch~~

when i came home one day. busy loiterring around the house, i was so late to notice this

pressie!! from darling..... muah muah muah... ooh.. i love it. it's been ages since i last wear a watch. previously had a limited edition fuschia ODM bracelet watch, thought it's so cool, i wore it everywhere to every occasion. hmm.. till i start working in tar college.. damn among 20 students, you can find 5-6 of them wearing the same watch. arggggggghh.. no thanks to mass replica founded in the night markets, petaling street etc. euwww.. they made my lovely authentic watch looks so cheap~

was blessed enough darling got me a new baby.. not so striking or attention grabbing, this watch suits my need to have a simple, clean watch which i can wear it any occasion, be it formal, sporty, fun or sexy haha... the titanium bracelet makes it non-sticky compared to usual stainless steel bracelet. hmm.. so it's more comfortable to wear it even under the hot sun espc in malaysia.

thanks darling~ morgan= love = morgan? love ya~

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