Sunday, February 15, 2009


some old junks again. could not gloss over the fact that im lazy, and i wouldnt gainsay that im such a profound in procrastinating. never too late to share em with you right?

there you go, U6B2's gathering.
wansia's manifold kindness drives her to call many of us, salute to oc (organizing chairperson)!!!
we met in ss2 Leo's..
no idea why they named this place Leo's.. no sight of a lion or whatsoever..
no nexus that binds the atmosphere/surroundings/decor/etc with the name of the place.
anyway, it was damn fun.
whole bunch of us turned up. some said 70% attendence wo.. no idea, sucks at maths.
see.. we almost conquer the whole place
abit hard to take group photos when you have an enormous group of ppl

sis... remember we used to hide in the tunnel and sing some good'ole songs?
still remember wansia so altruist.. gave a her whole collection of edison's poster/ mag cover etc. i stil have em in my room in subang. and she's the one who always made DIY card for us during our birthdays..
i was asked to sign my will (err..each and everyone of us needs to sign on an autograph la)
my hiong1 lei2... same kampung..
some notstalgic shots by some artistic photographer.

had loads of these..


WaNsIa said...

haha... wanna praise me lidat meh... *shy* anyway, really happy to see most of you appeared... hope to have another one soon... how bout you be the organizer? hahaha...^^

butter said...

hmm no problem de. but might need your help lo as i dont have so many contacts of em:) haha.

WaNsIa said...

haha... sure... no prob... sure will give you a helping hand...^^