Sunday, February 15, 2009


parents bought a new sets of sofa after so many years torturing our bum bums.
see our old sofa??that gigantic hole there sucks in a lot of our coins.. when we lifted the sofa on the truck,

we found a great fortune:) those were our missing money ( droped on the sofa, sliped into the hole or cervices or whatsoever while we were sleeping/sitting on it)
so, there it goes.. the old ones thrown away and make way for the new ones.

accompanied mama to the market. the last place i would rather be on earth..

but for mama, it worth la.. cooked reunion dinner with mama for our relatives.. hey we're the host this year:) my guests like my coca-cola chicken so much!!

bought myself 2 new sets of bedsheet+pillow case+ bolster case. i lurvvvvvvv them so much!!!
see how lovely this looks?

just in case you're curious, the other set is printed with hello kitty... ^^


want hair like mine?? haha.. no secret at all------- thanks to my new toy from the land of the rising sun, ms lil white curler:) if you're using one, pls be extra careful you dont wana burn your chin, face, ear, hand etc.. many years ago, while i was using a hair straightener, stupid me accidentally sat on it... left a scar on my thigh.. but use with care, these gadgets are goin to make ur hair rocks:) ps. make sure you set time for your hair treatment after each hair do ya.
on our way to aunt's house in puchong.

dunno who so brilliant to come out with the idea in which back passanger needs to buckle up the seat belts.
imagine a family with many children.. how to balik-kampung le? what is some family have 6 child? all school age?

ya. all the ranting is because my youngest brother have to sit another car. so one less of us. no fun.

this is uncle peter and aunt sabrina's house..
their daughter= my cousin la.
had my 1st lou-sang this CNY. see children also wanna "lou" dunno "lou" what

even other races also lou together with us... yea. this is malaysia, beautiful people sharing a pallete of distinctive culture. apart from the "lou sang" platter, we had KFC and pizzas (for CNY ?)
in the afternoon, we went ama's house ( grandma's)

slept there for a while..
watch the movie "brothers" .. it was so "bloody violent" (pun intended).. dunno why those people aired such
"in-auspicious" movie during chinese new year. what we watch is the actor being chop and chop people.
watch eclipse with my lil brothers using the reflection on a pail of water.. damn nice.


went shoppin @ sunway pyramid. being the nanny of my 2 younger brother.

gotta find a way to satiates their curiosity+ hunger while im indulging in splashing and splurging for my shoppin items. didi said " sien la" ... got mummy many pairs of earrings.. nice nice. she loves em. yaya. im not an altruist la, sure got myself something too!! did mani in a nail shop and bought myself this hair band. bohemian?? went grandma's house again for dinner, my 2nd lou-sang of the yea.

home at night... at last..
reminiscent of our childhood... what is CNY without fireworks, fire crackers..?
at 1st, just 3 of us playing.. then melvin joined, then my mummy, then daddy also came along..
and the whole family went crazy and we were so noisy, we even threw the crackers onto the three.. and make wishes.
lil bro said " 7 As in upsr," i said ( in my heart la of course) " a chance to study abroad" , mummy shouted" sang-yi-heng-long (means prosperous business) bro chris said " daddy mummy no more arguing" then all eyes stared at him.
both of the old ones felt embarrass la. if the neighbours heard what we said, they might think we "kee-xiao"

after those strenous activities. we .......

the the big "god-of-gamble" tutoring the young ones..

the big winner of the night. and the big joker here and some victims CNY 4

went ayi's house near kepong
another yi-zhang invite us to get drunk with him.
so uncles aunties cousins all sat around the dining table..
drank an old age v.s.o.p damn nice.
felt unsatiated, thus went for another bottle of martel.
in the end, when the dinner is ready, most of the adults were half-asleep.


before going out, yao's papa and mama visit my house..
er.. kinda embarrassing .. hehe... but they're both kind and nice people.. chat with my mama for awhile, too bad daddy not at home.they almost brought the whole penang to my house,
nian-bings (CNY cookies) like my favourite tou-sa bia, and caramel/ black sugar bia... haha
and some firecrackers (yesh, that means i have more)

so long never organize any gathering liao.
thus, picked up the phone and managed to get some buddies
gathered with some high school friends.
my bro mel went along to..
chat a while at wong-kok's the curve.

i accidentally deleted the picture of me and dorothy... aiyo~

present: kok wei, yonching, yiheng, cze-yin, shaun and gf-to-be, zi chen, melvin

then 2nd round at sanctuary ..(again?) haha..

present: kok wei, yonching, cze yin? yes! zi chen , joseph and gal. melvin joined to

cant believe my bro is so profound in dancing. he pop, he locked, he steal the night away.
ooh.. i want more party.. claimed a ravenous clubber--moi.

CNY 6 and 7

burried my head in piles of exam scripts.... need to mark my student's exam papers...
aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.. CNY big angpao.


WaNsIa said...

nice and great CNY...
i enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the pictures...^^
take care~ ^^

butter said...

thanks a lot dear!! i enjoy reading yours too, nice layout!!
so we sama sama support each other la...

WaNsIa said...

haha... sure~
write more ya...
muackss... take care~