Thursday, July 15, 2010

nihon kei

another fav spot for sushi-cravings.

>> nihon kei near old klang road.
it's slightly more costly than ichiban. but of better quality.
the food there're very fresh, you should be able to indulge in their original taste (especially sashimi). not much on seasoning or extra addictives.


chuka wakame ( seasoned seaweed)

look at the thickness.. it's huge compared to sushi's from other restaurant

salmon ( thick thick also)

ebiko gunkan? i forgot the name

yao also cant help but taking pictures
my dinner set that comes with rice and soup and pickles
hot green tea with sushi - always the best
sake also not bad:)


yumyum jap food:) will neva get bored of these XP
eat to live or live to eat? :)

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