Monday, August 16, 2010

sweetchat+ Khangwei's ochestra performance + Wings cafe +david's bigday!

Sunday 18 July,

buddy Kapal-ter-Pang khang wei invites us to his orchestra performance @ shaw parade, he plays the er-hu.
sounds old-skul? nop, not at all for his orchestra members, the Vivo Experimental Orchestra (VEO).

i love the way they interpret and express their own music. fun, energetic, and so much more ALIVE!

nyways. im so lazy today. just gonna post some pictures and end this abruptly. terima-kajih!

had dinner with yao @ sweetchat before goin to the performance.
verdict? er.. so so nia.
nyways i love the durian pancake as illustrated above
or..i mean i love everything with durian in it.
i have a HUGE collection of photos, of yao looking at MENUS.
next time i should post them. shouldnt i?
so happy.
women feel happy from the heart.
men feel happy from their stomach.
i swear i can cook spaghetti way betta than them!!

usually dont use eyeshadow but that night gatal gatal wanna apply, and regret x100000 later at night when everyone ask me (in a very genuine way) that m i not well/ or m i very tired...
(T-T), regret x100000 after looking at my hideous face on photos.

celebrated David's birthday later that night (his BD on 19th July :
4 years ago, this is the day when yao 1st mentioned that he misses me, and thus from that time onwards i know how he felt for me * aww** )

me and yao drew that on his BD cake.
1st we asked the secret recipe staff whether she can write in chinese onot. ( which she obviously couldnt cos she's a malay) and then we ask if we can write on our own. she then agree, and the moment we get hold of the icing bag ---- creativity sparks!!
yao looked at me as how i looked at him. and we started to draw on the cake:)

i drew the 'supposed-to-be-monkey', and he wrote david's chinese name. ( they're Brothers, and yao wrote his name wrongly) on purpose? i have no comment.
*notice that monkey has an extra long *somethin*

with gang :)
see i look like some supernatural thingy in this photo.

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