Monday, August 16, 2010


not in the mood to write so this post should be a phlog instead of blog.
its like you have a lot of leftovers in the fridge and it feels so wasted if you were to throw it all away, thus frying everything together... goreng goreng

1. durian feast! near our house --with char char, win win and yao yao (geli~), not much photos taken nyways cos we're busy eating.

like heaven!!

2. lunch with brother christopher after his violin class
his 1st time trying Nandos, and he LOVE it! (both of us often have the same taste, nature? or nurture?) he's growing up too fast dy! his height spurts!!! soon he will be taller than me.
still remember takin care of him when he's still that tiny lil baby... awwww... ( reminds me that i aged too)
look alike bo?
3. oki... some vain moments (camwhorin using my mac book. as you can see there're many others camwhorin pictures there)
-m experimenting with eyeshadow. guess i'll neva use eyeshadow correctly.

5. went to find a friend at his saloon to do my hair. wanted to chop it all at 1st, but after his advice ( and my reluctant), we both agreed that long hair suits me betta. so he just help me do some relaxin to prevent frizzy hairs..
char char went together with me too, she cut/dyed/permed her hair. :) and i love her new look!
both edwin and yao joined us later for dinner at U Village. (hong kong-style restaurant)
wish to blog more often as i have piles and piles of photos in my mac (some in yao's phone T-T)
can do me a favor? pls simply click on the advertisement beside thank you! *wont cost you a cent :)

thanks! bye and take care , more to come!

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