Friday, December 10, 2010

black is back!

omg this is ancient:

so i was so bored of myself and life and my washed-out looks on the photos, i made a MEGA decision!
desperately in need of a change!!
cut my hair? (brilliant idea but i've got no balls, unlike sis charlene who cruelly chopped off her hair above shoulder length, she looks great and dolly in it.. but i just ...err..... =.=)
perm it? straighten it? (ARGGGHHH.... again?? )
or maybe...
...a change of COLOUR**

@ my favourite hair saloon near wangsa maju. 
I dig their nostalgic, vintage style...  :) suits my taste very much.. 
so i've decided to dye it BLACK... but the stylist refused to (haha.. he just want me to consider and reconsider because once i dye it black, it would be difficult to have lighter color for years.. thus after taking looonnnnnggggg careful consideration, he forced adviced me not to choose black, but the darkest brown which he then mixed with a hint of purple and red to make it look more "mohagany".

pictures to replace my wordy description >>

 and ***after*** 
(OKAY, i know biting my lips doesnt make me look sexier but my nostrils bigger..)

the colour turns out to be very nice at 1st. 
plus, i feels so different and fresh with dark hair.
younger, sexier *ahem* and more mysterious (not that im as such but it gives an illusion of these)!

some of the mAnY pHotOs i took after changing my hair colour.


*WITH MY WORK ATTIRE* (Seldom wear like this to class anyway, always t-shirt/black blouse/black trousers/jeans that spells 'b-o-r-i-n-g'

*in His car, otw back from JB -> KL* (black looks good with my turqoise tees) ( oh i must highlight this, the red plastic bag on the bottom right corner contains fried durian which is OMG-uber-orgasmic-yummy-licious. one bite and you'll be on heaven)

*in mama's room @ subang house* pardon the poor quality of photo taken by my 'pari-ah' hp. perhaps i should get sponsored a decent camera or a new phone with a decent camera?

all of these dint last long though, right after a month, the colours faded and it appears brown-ish (boring) again. imma crazy, rushed back to the saloon and ask them to dye my hair again... ** sylist shoke head**  they tried to stop me again (for my own good) but then my id gets stronger than the superego and VOILA! my ultimate BLACK-ISH BLACK hair    (which photos couldnt justify!)

 love my hair now but really need to maintain it as the roots got very very very very dry after multiple chemical traumas.....  (in-saloon treatments are all so expensive T-T )   $$$$$$$$$$$$$

so, what do you think? sui bo? chanteek bo???????

Oh yea, gonna blog about daddy's new love very very soon 
*this is the dog i wanna have in near future, name: GUCCI!*
doesnt matter what you think, I adore the COLOUR!

** i know the photo below is irrelevant, i just wanna show you how shiny my hair can be**
note: bottom left corner is MWA!
*photo taken : the datins' night out @ g6 (blog post coming soon)
this one *  

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