Tuesday, December 14, 2010


sneaked out with jingyen and yun the other day to Pavi for Jap food.
This was supposed to be our ladies-out but then we met another member @esprit pavillion, name:
Datin Kenneth. after tellin him that we're going for jap food, he suggested this place ( the jap cafe/restaurant which we planned to go at the 1st place) 
>> a Japanese Cafe located in Wisma Cosway just besides Pavillion.


i forgot why they did this but it's cute to see both of them doing something silly

i was bit shy/scared to take photos as i stereotyped japanese as being fierce and that i have to follow to imaginary rules ( oh, one of my cognitive distortions  again, arbitrary inferences)
 this restaurant is run by "original" jap. thus there's something special about the vibe here. * but they played bsb songs instead of jap songs, such a killjoy*

dint know that there's this cozy warm lil place in Malaysia, well i dont feel like im in Malaysia when i was in this restaurant. 
 despite the small humble size of the restaurant, it's very popular among jap expats who worked here, i was told that they'd come to enjoy drinks/sake/sochu after their work. we saw about 8-10 of them sitting at the table next to us. ( the gals told me there's a handsome one right beside me i was too terrified to even turn my head to look at em)

As a sushi fanatic, i was shocked to know that they do not serve sushi here in this JAP RESTAURANT.
how come????  never mind, i'll order something else (hmmmpppffff... bu4-gan1-yuan4)

cute original japanese menu, written in japanese language ( which we dont understand) so i can only order by looking at the scarce pictures and their respective prices

kenneth said the jap love to have this "natto" to go along with their beer.
well to us, ladies " err... it tastes..........'unique' " till i dont know how to describe.

Spagetti served in Mentaiko sauce  *loves their potato salad!*

food here is not bad, but i enjoyed more in the environment plus company of great friends, another day worth spending.
*cos we impulsively headed to @live at sunway pyramid that night  :D teeheehee, photos soon!

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