Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HomeTown Steamboat

one fine evening, i suddenly craves for crab ( er.. i mean, as always la. ) thus suggested to have steamboat near my place @ setapak. Yao agreed *hurray* still, i dont think he understands how much i love eating crabs *Moans in pleasure**

'must-order' in steamboat

i love their refreshing sea coconut-longan drink :) not too sweet, great for quenching thirst after ya sinful tomyam soup
 Anyway im gonna skip thru all the boring meatballs/fishballs/U.F.Os/veges/prawns/etc
and talk about the main highlight ---->    drum rolls ***************

YB Crab!

after tossing the crab into nothing but zee tasty soup (clear, not tomyam as tomyam soup will override the original flavos of the crab), the soup becomes sweeter in taste, excellent for cookin ya bihun/yeemee/egg as the finale.

the al-mighty juicy scrumptious Cheliped (my fav part of the crab) !! yao gave this to me because it's larger! 

as compared to  his --> pathetically small. after swallow also bo-ra-sa!

OH MY OH MY (i ate this very very slowly, savoring every bites! the flesh is so TMD fresh. i can die right now

on the side note: the weather is just purrfect for steamboat
abit chilly chilly, and it was 7pm like that... not so crowded

a diagram for those who doesnt know how to eat a crab (pity you)

do you think i eva have the chance to taste this in my life???   *PRAY HARD***

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