Sunday, June 15, 2008

butter's new habitat....

ohya. it's been couple of weeks i moved to this place.. and after these weeks.. im stil as excited as i first step into this place:) ....so im living with the same old bunch of previous housemates in ss2 as well.. haha.. crazy.. i think our relationship gets too good til our butts stick together and can hardly be separated liao.. that's why we moved together... to a new barn in wangsa-maju. but sigh wai wai and nicol aint moving with us.. cos wai wai got an incredibly high offer of rm2800 to work for public bank in mentakap and nicol went back to penang.. T-T.. miss wai wai so muchii la... here's a photo of him..

okay.. back to the topic again.. my home sweet home..

it's actually on the 18th floor of a condo:) well.. im sorry couldnt really tel u the exact address.. (not because of safety precaution.. it's juz because i dunno.. haha) it's very near to the lrt station.. (that's what i told my parents to convince them for their permission for me to live here despite it's famous 'safe,peace neighbourhood'...newspapers publicitizes these well enough.. so need i say more?

well. let me tel u wat i love so much about this place..

1. the fridge!!! 2. my room 3. study..opps... "working "-table.

this is basically where i surf net.. eat..make-up..read. squeeze my blackheads and do my mask.. haha.
love my hello kitty fan but it aint working. sigh

4. cheap water?


maybe we can try to bathe ourselves here next time.

5. got lift???
there were many times i walked out of the lift at the wrong time. stepping into other ppl's floor..i stil remember once kafai and i was on the way back.. the door of the elevator opens.. and i walked out.. while he's stil inside holding the lift for me.. and he waved at me in slow motion.. " fan-lei-la... " ( come~ back~ la~~)...

and there were many times when i tried to hold the lift for others to walk in... i pressed the wrong button.. just dunno how to differentiate ><> sign.. adui. dont the 1st sign looks like door opening and the second sign looks like door closing? arggh... fine.. next time i just dont be so kepo and go press the buttons again..damn
i just sux at these high-tech gadgets..

6. swimmin pool.... (yeng)

but i havent really step my feet in the pool.... cos my hair damn dry lately.. sick of my bad hair days.. damn damn scare of those chlorine stuffs...

7. magnificent night view / sunrise view..

8. washing machine o!!!

haha.. mummy.. this is my saviour! well. with this thing.. i can have my cloths washed nice and clean and spinned dry WITHOUT sacrificing my nails.. haha...

9. but what i love most .... my housemates:) muax muax mu

arwwwww... need i say more? luv u guys vy vy vy muchii la.. i hope we can organize tequilla night ot vodka night again or saliva-stimulating-steamboat night.. can? can can?

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