Tuesday, January 20, 2009

damn. life is impredictable

on a fine day. me and yao painted my house:)
before i had anyone, i used to paint the whole house alone.
imagine how much of energy and strength required for a job like this.
luckily, im blessed to have a good helper these few years:) so i can just laid back and supervise him while he's paintin ..haha..jk.. we worked hard together la!

so.. getting started...

not as photogenic without my make-up / long waves right?
haih.. im not born to be pretty la. and it's definately not my fault.

told ya i've got myself a good helper!! :)

yao mixing the paint with water
so the walls in the living room--DONE!
these are my precious family+self potrait for my graduation
my enamoured ..we all love this so muchh..
brother mel even post it in his friendster,
and the captions was like..
"pretty sis, charming bros.. etc.. "
others i cant remember..
great combination of genes i supposed. ahem*

mummy's gonna faint if she saw this.

i was tremendously exhausted after 2 days of painting.....argghh.. at some point, my fingers were numb.. happy though.. i believe i have sucessfully shed some extra unwanted calories off my fatty bum bum..haha..
felt so happy about the new heathy me 'till THIS---->

went steamboat with yao last night ..the place was decorated nicely pre-CNY .. kinda like it with all the plastic sakura and etc..
due to some miscommunication with the waiter who took our order.. we end up having too much food on the table, far more than we can ever consume!
thinkin bout some ppl who aint as lucky as us, who starved for food... etc..
we decided to swallow it all down, as we shouldnt waste any precious food espc during recession time like this..
yao was on the phone for sometime while im the one who kept chewing, swallowing, burpin... and chewing and swallowing and burpin.. and chewing and chewing and swallowing and complaining..and still chewing..
argggggggghhhhhh... bye bye to the slim and sexy ? caren.. im gonna bloat myself into a huge balloon for CNY.. i can barely move when it's time to leave the place... damn.
so..to put it in a nutshell... i did shed off some calories.. and now putting them back in doubles..
life is miserable @#$#&%*$~#%

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WaNsIa said...

haha... you are not fat my dear...~