Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pre-CNY 1

no thanks to last night's steamboats.
I think im full and will be full till today's dinner
I think I even dreamt about the food last night..
so friends ,
no more steamboats for gatherings plsss…
im disgusted..

oh yea..CNY is around the corner..
dong-dong-cheang.. dong cheang..
euw.. I hate CNY mainly because of the scorching sun and the sweltering weather..
as well as those CNY songs written by .. amusia-s.. yucks.

well, despite all these. the good news is..
for this coming CNY, I've got myself a long holidayyyyy.. YAAAYYY!!!
from 23 jan- 2 feb, and then from 9 feb- 20 feb..
it's not as fun when u'll have to prepare for exam plus mark more than 200 scripts of exam papers..

anyways… another good news.. I've got my big B today…yippee!!! (used red colour cos it's auspicious for CNY)
guess all human in work field understand what is a big B..
it's ..hmm.. it's something that invigorates us, euphorizes us, purifies us,
inspires us, enlivens us, vitalizes us, exalts us after long days of hard work.. :)
now. got what I mean???

hom m I gonna spend it?
splurge like a bad gal?
save like a good gal?

hmm.. will definitely give mummy a big bunch 1st for CNY,
then another big portion goes to my savings.. FD ..I suppose..
some goes to my “applying-for-universities-abroad-piggy-bank
of course, some to my “hey-it's-time-to-pay-your-credit-card’s-debt-fund
and lastly, the remainders for my “shop-til-ya-drop-fund”, “hang-out-with-buddies-fund”,
as well as “last-minute-cramming-for-GRE-exam-starbucks-loiterring-fund
muahaha.. 2009 is definitely a good year for me..
(remember, the law of attraction!!)

m packing to go back to my hometown tomolo
(whack-my-head).. err. I mean back to my home is subang..
forgot im local here.duh.
too many things to bring home I guess.
well, lets see what's on my list.

england jersey uncle Richard gave:)
i loveeee jerseys..
all my siblings and i have one each.
so maybe we can wear together :)
let me just pile them up first
new clothes + old yet pretty dresses

where would Cinderella be without her glass slippers?
as to
what makes a woman without her stillettos/heels that kills ?

you wanna come along too? i afraid there's not much space left..
sure'll miss you damndamn muchh
arghh.. felt so hard to say goodbye..
mummy, can i?
*think*.. err... oki la oki la.. come, hoop in!
mummy ...*cries others*
oohh.. sorry for ya guys..
be good while im away k?
love ya always..
a... yala yala.. you along.. of course * roll-eye-damn-hard*
brassiere~ need i say more?
and you too! pinky:)
ah. of course.. for that new-year-glow..
I.C.I, Dulux, nippon paint whateva..
my make-ups
how can i forget these..
arrrgggggggghh.. so difficult to decide.
i'll take both..
crazy me. love them at 1st sight,
couldnt decide too,
thus i brought home both.
aren't they lovely?
tiny enough to look elegant,
roomy enough for angpaus.
nail polish!!!.. *how do i live without em*
m gonna help mama do her pedi-mani for CNY:)
she loves it!!
stupid me. i m careless enough to wear this out to work today.
realized it when i reach the elevator.
rushed back to change for my office shoes.
well.. a batch of my students are having examination
for the subject i teach tomolo..
though they wont be able to see it here..
(of course, a lecturer stil need some privacy from her students)
im wishing them
all the best!!..
prayin for them too:)


WaNsIa said...

happy chinese new year my dear friend.. hope you have a great one..^^

butter said...

same goes to your dear:) happy CNY many angpaus drown you ...