Tuesday, August 11, 2009


simple ways to make myself happy:

1. pretend to be literate by :
idling at some cozy place i called home.
and camwhore at the same instance.

2. heels that kills for a shoe-fetish, moi!
females neva eva have enough pairs of shoes....
might wanna introduce my whole collection nex time.
3. new lil' storage for my countless beauty products and accessories. ( 3-tier cabinet in the middle ) great steal from watson.

4. new googles.... swimmin is therapeutic and rejuvenating.

5. pinky heart shape mirror to feed my narcissism.

one of the very precious way to get connected with my inner soul.
see the side mirrors? i can easily check whether my lashes are standin in the correct degree or allignment bo. or to check whether yao is gazing at me.. or what website edwin is browsing at. ...alright ignore the pink letters.. some says positive inner talk helps change stubborn facts.

--------------------------------------------end liao-----------------------------------------

* i wanna post my redang pics... and make you envious bout my trip.
* wanna post a lot of other things as well
* but cant upload photos.. wtf. a lot of kinks in using blogger.... hmmph!
* heard that tonight might have meteor rain. wish to witness one of these while im living on earth. * fingers crossed* wish you luck too! * slap ya butt**
* bye


WaNsIa said...

huh? don't have butterfly theme in your collection?? hahaha~

chuan said...

papillon monarque.
silence of the lambs ?