Tuesday, December 8, 2009


sorry for abandonin my blog for ages..im back!

the reason i wasnt updating was:

1. lack of motivation
2. lack of time
3. lack of a functional laptop ( gotta scratch this, as i got my new lappie
4. lack of energy
5. lack of pictures ( was being demotivated by the quality of pictures my phone takes)
6. lack of a conducive environment
7. uber heavy teachin load.
8. plus i've volunteered to be involved in a research study ( halfway through though)
9. yao was super loving thus butter was more inclined to spent time with him instead of bloggin, it's not that he is not lovin in the past, but things just get better, or perhaps we dont have much time together as he's busy with work at ALL times, we cherish the moment spent together more than eva.
10. alright, gotta confess im just lazy.
11. i know im lazy usually, but not to that extent if it is not caused by factors 1-9.
12. i have plenty of excuse

will be bloggin more often though, coz:
imma gonna repeat this again and again...
i've got a new macbook!!!!

the 1st day of using it was memorable, or say, difficult.i cant even "right click" using the trackpad.felt like im a new bridegroom who's so excited bout gettin married and yet doesnt know how to Fuck his wife during their 1st night. alright. not that bad.but i just have to admit, im not I.T literate, and being a new mag user is a breath of fresh air on moon.. let me tell you the truth what i know bout computers are just :

-powerpoints, spss, words and excel
-the spider game
-reading blogs
-ppstream **
-google for my fav fashion accesories.
-etc ( limited)

**having said that, i cant watch Sex & The City now on mac as it doesnt support pps, or pps doesnt support mac ( i dunno how to put it, either way will do as long as it makes sense to you)
nyways, im lovin my mac more and more every day as i discover and learn how to build rapport with this white baby.

indulged a lot in photo booth (vain me.)and i tunes...
evidences as below:

unlimited camwhores using the built-in camera called isight !!

in my pyjamas and XXmakeup

yao laughed at me at 1st, and then got infected by the C-W syndrome too!

pic below taken when we just got it! carefully unwrapped the package, and here's our spankin new baby!!


alright, this post shall end abruptly. wait for more.

love & peace,

butter the happiest.

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