Monday, December 28, 2009

hohoho !!

moved to new place..it wasnt easy.
4 gals did it on our own! haha.. proud not?
felt like hua-mulan suddenly for those few days..
lotsa bruises and cuts to show off!
introducing my room! ( our room actually, im sharing it with potato pei)

some beloved stuffs:)
OMG if there's a sudden earthquake or evacuation etc.. i would die in " indecisiveness" because i have so many precious stuffs to be saved. which one 1st?

christmas hat in pink. kept it for years. stil looks brand new, agree?
dont have the courage to wear it outside though... i looked like a ding-dong in it.
here stil okay, maybe because it matches with ma slippers?
japanese doll from bukit tinggi.

jean paul gaultier (is that how you spell it?) from dad

one of some stuffs i bought to pamper maself. eyemask from la senza. with diamante.
eyemask becomes handy especially when you're sharing the room with ya babe.

water tumbler.. (sigh, i conned yao in buying me this as i promised to drink plenty of water. but...)
graduation gift from yao baby
floor mat from watson?

okay i dint make ma bed. i dont think it's neccessary as you're gonna fall asleep on the same place every night. what's the purpose of folding ya blanket if you're gonna use it very frequently across the day? opps.
roomie pei babe has another pair..hers--> lil moo moo cow.
messy. you'll know if you're a lecturer
yao's christmas pressie for me.
we both know the story behind this gift. kinda touchy.
lil white- nothing-extraordinary-box.

OMG i said. when i saw the words.. wateva it is inside. i dun care.

platinum necklace with topaz as pendant. major loves!!!!!
look good on me bo??
here's my gift for him
( i know it looked a bit ciplak, but hey, im broke and it wouldnt mean anything if i buy him something expensive using his own money. that's why i decided to give him a self-made calender filled with our photos, since he's moving to his new place too. he needs a calender.
though i did felt a bit guilty to show my gift. it looks a bit cheap in comparison to what he gave me
merry christmas everyone, how ya celebration??
okay, lil white suddenly appear out of nowhere. ( kinda random i know)

photo taken during my 1st performance ( violin junior chamber) for christmas celebration of the music school. played songs like:
- elderweise
-the circle of life
-phantom of the opera
**can you spot me?

lotsa love, bye!
this post is kinda short ... im busy. told ya.

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