Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my last post

this is ma last post.. (for 2009, dont fret)
time flies.
another few more hours, we'll be marchin into 2010.
i guess it happens to losta ppl out there, everyday seems to pass by faster and faster.
without realizin it, a week followed by another, and one month is gone just like that.
i dun even feel like i have time to breath.
yet there's so many things to do,
so less time for me. (though i slept a lot, and fb alot)

and now im sitting here in ma office,
having 3 hours break..
waiting for the 3-6pm class
(OMG, who'll wanna work on new year's eve?)
fortunately i brought my lil white lappie
which i can online here ( office PCs dont have internet connection, how hideous)

lotsa things happened this year,
just let me do a BRIEF summarization.

1. i've visited clinics for about 10 times this year, have had health probs ranging from diarrhea,
gastritis (is that how you spell it?) , food poisoning, flu, fever, sore throat, and a lot more wtf.

2. i've learnt a lot of new stuffs
eg: photoshoping boobs (though i neva post/use/publish my photoshopped pictures, i
swear... did it just for fun), violin, ermmm..... im sure there're more, i just couldnt think of
any right now. learnt to use double eyelid glue. ( now you guys out there knew im faked up.
hmmppfff.. maybe i shouldnt have tell you this)

3. i had the scarriest nightmare
from which i woke up and cry disastrously and shocked baby yao.. luckily he was there to
wake me up gently by calling "bubi.... bubi...... bubi.... " and comfort me right after
anyway the dream was about being isolated and ignored by friends.... featuring alot of my
buddies.. what a dream!!

4. had salary increment!!! and bonus!!
though the amount is soooo insignificant to the naked eye, it's stil something good right?

5. got to meet new people
met some wonderful people @ work and play. a lot of gratitude for those who passed me alot of positive vibes and encouragement, for those who believed in me and shared a lot of
laughter together.

6. parting with some special ones
2 special friends left the country to gain more personal/professional exposure, left me
wandering what the hell im stil stuck in m'sia and when's ma turn.. haha..
anyways, im happy that they have the oppotunity and may my friends be safe and happy
eventhough they're so so far away.

7. reconcile with someone important
tears dropped when i saw the message left from this special person. all my blessings with
him/her. im glad im stil special ( or at least i believe i am) to you :) some bonds are so strong and indestructible, it'll connect us together regardless of the distance between us. love you lotss

8. got a new lappie.. and it's no ordinary lappie, it's my lil white mac baby
alright i should stop hao-lian-ing about this AGAIN & AGAIN in every blog post. haha

9. made lotsa mistakes
..... learnt how to accept failure and embarrassment, regrets and guilt, and stood up and get over 'em and move on.. nah, we couldnt afford to squat at the fucking same old spot we fell
and mourn for too long, just wipe ya tears and get your butt up... the world is too happening for us to hide in the corner and cry for decades, we just need to keep exploring and learning, and failling, and falling, and getting up again, and learn how to just start fresh again. nothing waits for ya. you just need to constantly pick up/catch up with the crazy pace.

10. went for a breath-taking trip
sun, sea, corals and reefs, tans and coconuts, and sexy bartender.
buddies and i were exhausted and all stressed up in life, thus went for a very nice and sinful escapades...

11. gained weight and lost it off again.. muahhahaha.. curse me for having slim legs, be jealous.. muahaha....

12. lotsa friends and relatives got married this year, indirectly reminding me in a harsh way
that im AGING.

13. biao-mei wenwen gave birth to a sweet and lovely baby girl.. arwwwww...... jealous jealous..
i knew it's other ppl's business not mine, but im so gonna post it too anyway. the baby is
sooo cute.

14. watched both lil brothers growin up into a man ( stil in process).
OMFG they've both 'sprout' and gained so much height. not forgetting those cute lil zits all around their faces.... muahahahaha. now, it's their turn !! dunno why, everytime when im
with my cute lil bros, i'll felt like i owe them a lot... (maybe im staying far away from them and only got to see them bi-weekly), my motherly instinct will sorta flow.. i just hope
they'll grow into a healthy man and love their life as much as i love them now :) sometimes it's so heart-warming that when i reach home/ leave, they'll hug me tight... arww... and
sometimes they'll call me at night and ask me something bout the pop songs they're
listening to and talk bout their school and clubs and not forgeting " pet society stuffs"
etc.......in silence, i selfishly hope and pray that they still love me this much, and we'll still
be this close to each another in heart even when they have galfriends and stuffs.

15. went for a drink with a guy i admired MANY YEARS AGO and chat for quite a long time,
that night we when sat together and talked about lotsa things, the number of words or
things we said that night far exceeds that of what we had during the 2 years i knew him. Ha! during that 2 years i was so timid and shy ( but im courageous enough to wrote him love
letters and even gave him my diary.. and then he started dating my best friend.. and of
course it breaks my heart that time.. and we lost contact for many many years.. i think if im not mistaken 6 years ago?) anyway, the past is the past, im happy with my life now.. i dint regret doing silly things i did last time cos i felt that i'm receiving all the good 'karma' now muahahaha... and im cherishin my love life now more than eva.
nevatheless felt relieved that he's doing fine and striving
hard for his career and future now. dunno when i'll be seeing him again but i think that's it :) im contended with this state, it's no longer an unfinish-business of my past anymore. i've found someone dear to call my man, and i am very much satisfied in my relationship with my baby yao. not that he's perfect or what, i just think that i couldnt find anyone else who better suits me more compared to yao. and im so so glad and blessed to end up with baby
yao. just hope we can grow old together. ( oh yao baby, dont get too happy now, continue reading, there's a small part solely dedicated for you!! * wink*)

16. tried Icewine.
OMG.. it's uber orgasmic!! a sip of it sent you to heaven.
had it for our valentine home-cooked dinner, me and baby yao adores it very much.

17. witness the hardship of baby yao and his achievements.
this year is an effin busy year for yao. never ending work work and work .
i was beside him i saw his effort, i saw how hardworkin he is..
and i look up very much to him. man who is serious in his work is always attractive.
nyways, i knew i changed a lot for him too.. i became less demanding ( i think la) and more
patience (alright, need to confess, i'll stil get upset and angry sometimes but i'll get over it very soon). i learnt to be more independent and strong especially when he's not around.
and i knew i need to give him enough space for him to strive hard now :)
we both do not come from rich family, yet we shared the same spirit and goals, that is to
have a better life for our future family and also to let our parents taste abundance.
and i know he mean it by observing his action. im amazed. apart from working, he helped me and my family alot, especially when it comes to fetching me here and there. ( im the eldest
child, too many responsibilities to bear, but he supported me and help us through, when
daddy is not free to fetch didi for violin classes, he'll be the one who'll make time to help us,
when mommy need someone to help her pay car installment etc.. he'll be the one to help and never ever have i see any hesitant or resistant of him or any grievance of him in helping us)
when im tired and wanting someone to comfort me.. i'll stand up and move one fast when i
know he is even more tired than me haha..
his work requires him to travel, and imagine when he just started working, he has no car.
he's buzzin from place to place in kl/pj/klang valley by PUBLIC TRANSPORT. imagine that.
imagine taking lrt --> bus--> taxi to a place under the hot sun and then was told that the
client wanted to cancel the appointment. if i were him i'll be very DULAN and cry lo.. ( no la.. just an expression).. but again and again he showed resilience and stood up fast enough with positive vibes and spirit and patience.. and continue his work with lotsa dedication and faith.
but his effort bears fruit. haha. and he's qualified to have me... ( poke my nose high high!!) hahaha.. all in all, just wanna say i love him and appreciate all his hard work and
contributions! and those days we need to take public transport for a date.. and now at last, he has his own car :) yeshhh im proud of him and i neva hide this!
***salute*** im learning from him and i know i can be as good too!

alright enough polishing his shoes, i should move to the next item before you guys close this window

18. 1st time experiences.....

~ involved in junior chamber ochestra
~ modelling for a friend's photoshoot (just for fun nia, nothing professional. nyways, i like the photos very much ..
**p.s. SKY, this is a subtle reminder for ya, stil owe us some other pictures... hahahaha***
~ wearing a lovely kimono
~ went clubbing with my brother
~ learn to hold and play a violin ( always wanted to do it since eons ago)
~ some painful experiences which i neva wanna mentioned here, thanks baby yao and babe
peach for all the emotional and physical support. i'll be strong, i have to.
~ took initiative to volunteer in doing/learning something new. Thx Dr. Chai for the
~ learn to use a mac.. ( alright.. ZIPPP ma big mouth)
~ wore a bikini, (in gold colour mind you)
~ did facial (ahh... i should've discovered this earlier. to hell unsightful skin and pimples...
my face GlOWS now.. maybe not yet, but it's getting far better than before.
~ did pedicure.. it sorta tickles.. but it's sooooooo pampering and yumsss!! love it!
~ and MOREEEE...... im running outta time

19. this year passed by so damn fast!
i've shed tears and shared laughter.. make friends and (hopefully not foes).
stood up tall, and growin strong. learn to love myself more and more and more ( i think my close friends starting to get annoyed by my vainness n narcissism. anyway. i have no regrets on things i did n m looking forward for new year ahead. full of hope and faith. wanting to gain more wisdom each day!!!

alright. bye all, rushing for class.. might blog very very soon i'll be free 2 weeks later. (wicked smile)

have a wonderful year ahead!!

happy 2010!!!

love y'all very very very the much.

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