Saturday, January 9, 2010


i know im abit late.
yet. it's better than none
1 week past, and i havent really set my goals for 2010?
believe it or not, i took one week thinkin seriously into it and here it goes,
my 2010's resolutions:

1. control my expenditure and save up!
aahh.... i know how impossible it sounds but hey, being aware of my dangerous shoppin habits
is the FIRST step, and a big one. blame it on my fashion sense... i (think im) getting better and
better taste each year and my style grows with time :) but this put a pinch in my pocket too.. i
rejected low quality garments and lookin into more classy ones, which usually cost a lot more higher than what you can get from sg.wang etc etc..
damn.. a good dress doesnt match with so-so shoes.... so when you have a good dress and a pair of stilettos, ya low quality ciplak bag stands out!. and when you have the full set of nice garments, ya fugly nails or ya bad hair irritates ya... gettin pretty is never an easy task!!
it comes holistically... that means more effort and $$$...
cinderella wont look nice if any single part of her turns to pumpkin...
glad that i do have nice tshirts and shorts that can go with easy breezy sandals... that saves for other not-so-glam days. i do enjoy dressing down sometimes..( stil the quality of shirts and shorts counts !)

alright 2. no more impulsive buys from now!!! which is my 2nd resolution.
i know i can refrain from " wow.. this dress looks damn damn exquisite on me." " another must-have!!" " it totally brings out my attitude /sexiness/ feminity/ qi4 zhi2 etc" " see how gorgeous the color of the dress matches with my brown hair??!!"
mom once told me, you can never have enough shirts/dresses/etc
every piece will just look pretty and nice on you, because you have nice ( alright, she said perfect, because to her, her daughther is perfect... im replacing it with the word nice, because it's more acceptable by norm) body figure.. if every dresses you try look nice on ya.. you'll be buyin the whole store .. ( agak -agak like that la... i can remember the exact sentence, but the meaning is there)neva really realized till i was packing (for moving to the new place), i bought too many stuffss. maybe she's right.
and thinkin bout how hard she work to earn money... im pretty much determined to achieve this goal. ( im not that selfish as you thought. i did contribute a tiny part financially to my beloved family too!) and mama was saying that because she wanted me to save more for the future.

neva realized how much i've wasted money on unwanted stuffs TIL i was packing last year's december, before movin to the new place...
i was flooded by zillions
bottles of unused/ half-used beauty care products (thank god i found a product that suits me, thus end all those silly purchases of ineffective products), hair care products including curl cream, conditioner, leave-in oil etc which i never bother to use... body lotions and hand lotions and whitening lotions and moisturizing lotions ...wtf... nail polishes (thanks to my violin classes, couldnt keep my nails long, thus im starting to save for nail polishes too!! ), magazines ( im pretty occupied with work and some other good reads like harry potter and stuffs, thus this can be scratched off my shoppin list too!)
damn im guilty now. gals out there, please tell me you're in the same condition so that i'll feel better bout myself.. puhleaseee...

now i found ways to really cut down my expenses.... hmmm cleva me... lets see, what else..
ohya... 3. i pledge to take college bus everyday from the 2nd week of 2010 onwards!!!!

simple maths.

taking college bus to work: rm 0.60 per ticket
to & fro: rm 0.60 x 2 = rm 1.20

taking metrobus to work: rm 1.00 per ticket
to & fro: rm 1.00 x 2 = rm 2.00

taking taxi to work : rm 6.50 (sometimes 5 something. depends on different metres)
to & fro: enough said.

im not that stupid, i know how to compare transport fares... it's just that...
the reason im taking taxis would be --- > over-slept
---> rushing etc. (alright you knew me well)

and occasionally, on rainy days/ scorching sun/ mood swing / period.

after tabulating , i think i can save up A LOT! if im willing to wake up early/take/wait for college bus every day.

exceptions: when im not well etc la... i can come up with endless excuses de. haha

4. work harder / no more procrastination!!
im now intended to change one of my most prominent characteristics.
i am efficient. and im proud of being efficient, in the sense that i can work fast within short period of time (usually during last minutes..) and produce good quality work nevertheless...
but feeling threaten by the thought that im gettin older ( 25-to-be).. and not having any major achievement etc, it's a shame to waste time.
probably, doing things early allows more time to either do more meaningful work/ venture more/learn more/explore more/rest more/play more......
well. i just need to get rid of my lazy worm and start to be more serious in stuffs im doing.
who knows, i might just perform so well and achieve greater heights?
and before 30 i'll be rich and successful! ( alright, i know i sure will. trust me)

4.2 Practise harder on my violin.
that day before class, i reached the music school early. upon entering, i heard BEAUTIFUL melodies...... ( went breathless.... im pretty much swayed by it... )my violin teacher was playing piano/violin duet with another teacher (who conducts our junior chamber practises) and they looked as if the world out there no longer exist.. they're in their own pandora. great .. great .. great music. and im blessed to have heard it LIVE.
so there i was standing outside the door, neva wanna disturb them, not wanting to let him know that i've reached because i know.. if he knew, he would just stop ( and there goes the "feelings" and .. arrgghh .. im running outta words to describe. ) they're playing with such precious mo4 qi4 ( those who're good in eng. please help me translate)

so.. it's like 10-15 minutes standing outside listening to them playing ( i know im abit psycho)
i was so envious, if not jealous bout them..... sigh.. what m i doing when i was young.. and now that im 25, oopss.. 24 to be exact... i couldnt do that...

so when i finally pressed on the door bell and they stopped and my teacher came to greet me and open the door for me... he asked " what did you put on ya face?" ( silly him, i was sweating heavily.... it's so hot outside £$&*^%) ... and while he's carrying the book stand ( i dunno what it's called) into the room and preparing the room for our lesson to start, he is humming the unfinished song they played.. hmm.. hmmm.. hmm..

gosh. i wish i were not there.

wish i neva interrupted them playing.
i felt that im so "extra" at that moment. such a killjoy .

argghh.. i'll practice hard so that i wont let him down.
*** he's one of the best teacher you could eva find. serious.
without him, i would have given up violin quite a long time ago.
and everytime i felt so guilty to him because i dint practice well.

so .. this year onwards, may i practise more and more..
violin is such a beautiful instrument. argghh..
i wish i can play as nice as how i look in the photo above. ( refer to the image of my header)

5. to be more independant

it's not that im not able to... im just used to be pampered by yao yao ( of course, i wont trade anything for this) when we're stil housemates back in ss2 and in block B.... i get so pampered by him.... TIL we live separately now ( he's back in p.j, i moved to block A) it's been sooooooooo long since i last CHARGE MY Handphone. ( he did this everytime, til i forgot that our hp needs to be charged) He used to filled up my water bottle ( now i need to LEARN to do it on my own).. suddenly i felt so handicapped without him.
and i miss him alot... ( and the stuffs he did for me while he's near)

now i can only wait for weekends to be with him
( and we're both busy sometimes during weekend : work/ family and stuffs)
argghh. i wish our weekends are longer.. like 9 days a week? or 8?

6. eat/sleep/shit/ healthily.
dont need any reasons for that. basically because healthy = beauty too!!
promised myself to drink more water. ( guess you'll wonder where got ppl set this kinda resolutions 1? ) for those who knew me well, they've observed that i rarely consumed water during the day, as well for the nights. when yao's here, he's always upset not because of my temper/demands/etc.... he's usually upset when i dint drink enough water / dint take good care of myself. mummy does the same. so from now onwards, i'll make sure my body is replenished and hydrated by the Great H20!!

6.2 sleep early ( sounds impossible... hmmm i dun believe i can too.. scratch this?)
6.3 eat more healthy food :)
6.4 swim at least once per week? ( i can imagine potato pei nodding vigorously when she heard this)

okay. i know i can do this.
i cried too often all these while.
on average once per month.
(usually PMS)
im a big big cry baby. i can cry for big/small things.
and once i start, i find it effin difficult to stop.

and i felt good bout crying .. haha
thus, for bringin peace to yao's life.
i hope i can make myself happy this year and perhaps... no more tears accept happy moments/ touchy touchy things

8. try my very BEST to achieve my dreams

i know it's a bumpy journey. but thins would be meaningless if there's no challenges/ obstacles.
so . i'll do whateva it takes to bring myself closer to IT. i know i 'll be there soon.
-nuf said-

9. buy my very 1st gucci/chanel
***** there goes no. 1 and 2.

10. i'll save it later... there must be sumthing.. i just couldnt think of it now.

shall end this post now. (refer to no. 6.2)
bless me with strong will and faith and perseverance that i can achieve the above.

lotsa love.


WaNsIa said...

sincerely hope that all your dreams come true!!!!!
jiayou jiayou jiayou...^o^

butter said...

thanks dearie... seems like you my only supporter of this blog leh?! haha..... wish you the best for 2010 too!!!!!

WaNsIa said...

ya? no other supporter? impossible la... anyway, glad to be one of ur supporter~~ ^^

Michiko said...

WALAO..cant imagine my ms caren is so dependent...**shock**
gambateh ya!!