Sunday, January 10, 2010


i felt so contended and excited.. imma shouting this out loud!

i managed to convinced papa and mama
to let lil bro shawn learn saxophone.


i believe child who plays musical instrument are unique!
i just couldnt describe .. but like it or not , WE ARE SOMEWHAT SPECIAL!

i play the piano ( and a tiny bit of violin),


bro christopher plays the violin,


and now lil bro is gonna play SAX!!!!!



cool to the maxx..
by the way, if bro melvin is reading this... you play dotA too..

.haha wtf fair nuff.

this has been dragged for so long.
daddy and mummy took eons to agree ..

though they both agree that they need to let didi shawn take up some music classes.
they doubt whether SAX will be the right option.
at 1st didi wanna learn drums. (but mum strongly oppose)
then she wanted him to learn something like piano/violin cos we have piano at home ( which i strongly oppose.... cos i believe it's better for us to learn DIFFERENT musical instrument.
so as to be unique { i wouldnt want anyone to put my siblings into unhealthy comparisons.. saying who plays better than who}...

and one day while i was you-tube-ing... i suddenly heard a jap artist playing Sax... it was way too cool! and i thought to myself.... if didi shawn can play that during my wedding ( alright.. i've thought too far... but hey, that's me) how nice on earth could it be?!

thus i started to search for qualified teacher ( a good teacher is damn important ; pls refer to my previous post HERE )
my violin teacher then recommended this young ( but experienced) teacher for me.

i've took some time to talk to my parents.
they were excited at 1st, too..
but later dampened by the fact that..
it's not as simple as we thought.

you know why?

after surveying the fees of the lessons and the price of the instrument..
we almost CHOKED.

simply because saxophone lessons were SO EXPENSIVE .
and the instrument costs a fortune. the one his teacher recommends costs bout 4.6k
and mind you, we're not from a rich family.

after serious consideration ( thanks to my persuasion skills and psycho strategies.. haha kiddin) , parents finally say " OK"

we shared out our part.

daddy mummy both shares the cost of the instrument.
mummy and i both sponsoring 50-50 of the lesson fees.
daddy responsible for fetching bro to and fro music school.
didi shawn responsible for practicing hard and learning with dedication and make us proud.

so TODAY : MONUMENTAL EVENT >> didi shawn got his SAX and started his 1st lesson!!!!!
*****clap handss*****
imma big proud sis!! i was so excited...
when we just bought it... and didi is trying to hold it using his tiny hands.... i felt like there's an invisible hand patting my shoulder... im glad. so glad.

by the way, that damn expensive gold-and-silver-plated-thingy is so effin heavy. i think it's heavier than my bro.
daddy said " so here's a motorbike ( the price) " let's see why:

*************CUT & PASTE FROM WIKIPEDIA********( you may skip this if you're not as interested like me)********The saxophone was developed in the 1840s by Adolphe Sax, a Belgian-born instrument-maker, flautist and clarinetist working in Paris. While still working at his father's instrument shop in Brussels, Sax began developing an instrument which had the projection of a brass instrument with the agility of a woodwind. Another priority was to invent an instrument which would overblow at the octave, unlike the clarinet, which rises in pitch by a twelfth when overblown; an instrument which overblew at the octave would have identical fingering for both registers. Most saxophones, both past and present, are made from brass. Despite this, they are categorized as woodwind instruments rather than brass because the sound waves are produced by an oscillating reed, not the player's lips against a mouthpiece as in a brass instrument, and because different pitches are produced by opening and closing keys. Brass is used to make the body of the instrument; the pad cups; the rods that connect the pads to the keys; the keys themselves and the posts that hold the rods and keys in place. The screw pins that connect the rods to the posts, and the needle springs and leaf springs that cause the keys to return to their rest position after being released, are generally made of blued or stainless steel. Since 1920, most saxophones have 'key touches' (smooth decorative pieces placed where the fingers touch the instrument) made from either plastic or mother of pearl.

Other materials have been tried with varying degrees of success, such as the 1950s Grafton plastic alto saxophone. A few companies, such as Yanagisawa[10] and Bauhaus Walstein, have made some saxophone models fromphosphor bronze because of its slightly different tonal qualities[11]. For example, although their designs are identical apart from the metal used, the bronze Yanagisawa A992[12] saxophones are said to sound "darker" than the brass versions. Yanagisawa and other manufacturers, starting with the King Super 20 around 1950, have made saxophone necks, bells, or entire instruments from sterling silver.[13] Keilwerth and Paul Mauriat have made saxes with a nickel silver body like that of a flute[14][15]. The effect of material on sound is controversial among sax players, and little solid research has been published.

After completing the instrument, manufacturers usually apply a thin coating of clear or colored acrylic lacquer, or silverplate, over the bare brass. The lacquer or plating serves to protect the brass from oxidation, and maintains its shiny appearance. Several different types and colors of surface finish have been used over the years.[16] It is also possible to plate the instrument with nickel or gold, and a number of gold-plated saxophones have been produced.[16] Plating saxophones with gold is an expensive process because gold will not stick directly to brass. As a result, the brass is first coated with silver (which will stick to it) and then gold-plated on top.

Some argue that the type of lacquer or plating, or absence thereof, may enhance an instrument's tone quality. The possible effects of different finishes on tone is a hotly debated topic, not least because other variables may affect an instrument's tone colors e.g. mouthpiece design and physical characteristics of the player. In any case, what constitutes a pleasing tone is a matter of personal preference and tastes vary*************************************

so it's didi's 1st lesson.. imma so kepochi i asked permission from the kind teacher so that i can be there in the room to accompany didi (only for the 1st class... sigh)

i wish i could be there every class.. but i know i wouldnt wanna disturb them by doing thus didi christopher and i joined the 1st class as naive observer to have our curiosity feeded.

it's not easy to learn how to produce 'sound' by blowing.

i know didi is learning attentively and trying hard.

teacher teaching didi to blow the mouthpiece

didi's new property below.

ending my post here full of hope..
i wish 'one of my dream' will come true.

didi shawn and didi christopher playing duet on stage during my wedding dinner.
i dun care whether it's 'mary had a lil lamb' or 'twinkle twinkle lil star' or etc.
any song would please me :) im waiting for the day. i know it wont be long.


WaNsIa said...

you are a nice sister~~
envy your brother... hahahaha..XD
anyway, jiayou o Shawn didi~~ ^++++^

carriene said...

my dear dream saxophone!!!
he knw how to play just no extra space n time for him to go thru!!
dam envy ur di di