Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the dragon's backbone, tabur hill

zchen asked, wanna climb hill?
not trekkin, is climbin.

he's actually goin with his friend and his friend's friends,
anyway, dorothys ' going too... might as well join too i thought.
we crazy ppl are sick of city life ..and im broke with pre-cny shoppin n stuffs,
and yet the thirst for some activities are so unbearable ( rottin at home is the last thing i wanna do) so.... a special getaway to be near to mother nature wont hurt the pocket i suppose?

and here it goes, my 1st hill-climbin @ tabur hill.
imma lazy today, so let the pics do all the talkin... teeheehee~

love at 1st sight. this thing is right in the middle of our vision view when we reach 2nd or 3rd lil peak.. forgot dy.

doesnt look anywhere like kl right? this is the left side of our view, the right side, on the contrary, is a charmin concrete jungle, you wil be able to see klcc n kl tower and stuffs like that.
so, it's an amazing combination of nature and man-made world.

dunno for what reason, my stupid butt looked effin huge here.. hmmmpppfff.. must climb climb climb more and shake those disturbin fats off me!

some relevant info bout this special hill as requested by some friends: i cut n paste from some website. what? you expect me to know these by maself? ya kiddin.

Worlds longest Crystal Quartz-Rich ridge- Crystal walk

The Dragon's Backbone, Tabur Hill ( Recorded 16KM Long)"This Tabur Ridge is a long and narrow series of karst hills with a high content of Quartz crystals. The ridge itself, averaging 200 feet high, runs in a semi circle bordering the eastern edge of Kuala Lumpur city. The Tabur Hill Ridge is rated the Longest Quartz-Rich Ridge in the world. Quartz is one of the three common components in the formation of rocks. Quartz-Rich Ridge - as the names implies, the trails and surfaces around the Ridge is littered with Quartz crystals (Individually or in clusters, large and small). The Quartz here varies from totally transparent to semi opaque, with most of them whitish in colour. You can see them shimmering on the ground reflected by sunlight as like mirror reflections.The trail is a narrow path on top of the Ridge with some stretches only allowing a single trekker to pass through. The trail passes through stretches where the left and right side have vertical drops of up to 200 feet, leaving the trekker with not much room for any other alternatives. The trail is dotted with low vegetation, made up mostly of small trees and shrubs (affectionately known amongst the trekkers as “Bonsai”). This low vegetation enables you to see and gauge the distance between one peak to another." article by endemicguides.com

great friends i got to know that day
breath-taking view
some slightly dangerous spot.. some spot are quite challengin for a-moi like me..
haha.. friends assume i have no problems because my limbs are long ( like apes i suppose)

happy me!

after the strenuous climb, we indulged in holy food food food... here>
happy seasons restaurant, which consists of 4 areas, summer/autumn/spring/winter.
we went to winter part. freezin cold there :)

does this picture look familiar to you??? hahaha.. guess!!


PS/Caterine said...

Oh my!! I never knew Malaysia could have such a nice view. thanks for sharing, please bring me there again when I visiting you!! ^^

mrniceguy said...

lol... now only i saw this post..
u should know who i am... haha..

chun ming.