Tuesday, March 2, 2010


had a blast this CNY :)
im stil suffering from post cny-withdrawal syndrome.
kinda depressed for awhile missing my sweet family and friendzz.
this is the "post-mortem"

11 feb 10

had this lou-sang cum karaoke cum gathering session with ex-prefects
damn i so love them.... wouldnt get tired talkin bout those great old-days
of us bullyin students and etc.
joseph organized this gathering n many of us actually turned up :)!
by the way, photos pls!!!
had my 1st cny lou-sang there at klang. dunno why we need to go so far
but it's FUN :) was toasted lotsa red wine plus white wine.
went bit of tipsy.. but that's not all,

later that night , joined dorothys and her friends for our 2nd round @ zouk
cleaned my houz during the last few days before CNY
and i made pineapple tarts!!! for the effin 1st time of my life!
it doesnt look nice, but it taste GREAT!
yao can be the judge. (cos i purposely saved a tiny box of "the best of the best "cookies for him. lucky man!

13 feb 10 .
went shoppin with didi to buy my contact lenses.
lost my contacts on cny eve. what a joke.
losta shops were closed.. thank god i found it in parismiki, midvalley.

14 feb 10
mummy's birthday! and sadly it's V day.
yao's in penang thus we celebrated it earlier.
nyway, went grandma and ah-gu's house for 2nd lou-sang :)
will post bout V day later

15 feb 10

went TANGKAK with family plus didi mel's gorgeous gf, to my grandpa's brother's houz.
neva seen my biological grandpa in person before, neva had the chance to when he's alive,
they told me my shu-gong looks exactly the same like him, charming and sporting!

came back that night to join 5s1 's gathering :)
the last time i eva see them was freakin 8 years ago. time flies.

18 feb 10

went ah-yi's house and gambled.
nyahahah. won like 30 bucks??

19 feb 10

yao's parents came over for dinner.
my mighty mummy cooked for us!
then went straight to visit yao's relative's here in damansara

20 feb 10
u6b2's house-hoppin! bai nian tuan!
great great fun. we visited more than 10 houses in a single day!
tired but very very "rewarding"

photos in random order:

dentist cze-yin's houz

my humble hut!
yih horng's houz

wan sia's houz
hui xin's houz
dim sum lunch near ..? forgot where dy

the unofficial yum-sheng
yea yunn's houz ( we're on low batt mode dy)
suk kun's houz2suk kun's houz 1
jessica alba's oppssy.. shu woan's houz

pei leing's houzz
Lecturer-yi shion's houzz..

21 feb 10
movie true legend with my beloved family members and didi's gal @mid valley
dinner after that..

22 feb 10
extremely depress and unwilling to start working T-T lll

24 feb 10
lousang with utar psy gang!!

26 feb 10
shop shop n breakfast with dear yunyun

27 feb 10
k session with shuwoan, yeayunn, yishion, dorothys, yih horng.
shun bian celebrate horng's birthday on 28th.

**********************************til next year's cny*********

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