Sunday, June 27, 2010

life as a (stunning) teacher...**cough cough**

teachin developmental psychology this semester, find this subject very interesting as it covers the events/processes that take place from the point of conception till death.
means including how a sperm meets the ovum ad growth into a zygote>embryo>fetus>birth>infant>children>adolescence>adult>old adult>dong-dong-qiang!!!

to make this even more interesting, we'll have tutorial activities from time to time ( so that it is not too dull n dry for my students, oki i mean me myself =.=)

so these are one of the activities we had for 2nd yr diploma students..

**they're required to use clay i bought to build a model to illustrate one of the 4 stages of prenatal development and childbirth**

when they're doing this they'll take initiative to know bout the details of prenatal development as well as remembering the process which takes place during these stages.

just a few pictures here.. will upload more this week. i love each of them very very much.they look damn cute and vibrant irl.

oki. my fringe looks funny here. who says that lecturer cannot have funny fringe??

colourful clays that gave a pinch on my pocket
students doing this in their most relaxed and leisure ways
dunno who's sperm is this... kinda huge

this looks very real irl

team work!!while gossiping other ppl's stuffs
these are only few of the many pictures we took... visit next week to read more!!!
hope they really like this!!


Sally Ng said...

jealous jealous

Cecelia said...

y we have not much fun as them??but our moment oso not bad~~