Thursday, July 1, 2010

25th birthday part 1

uber crazy celebration this year.
to compensate the sad truth that im now officially 25... very near to 30s. T-T

had my 1st prebirthday celebration with some friends in a hotel room full of foods/snacks/liqour.

ohya. just wanna hao-lian we had beer/vodka/red wine/dewar's/black label?/etc other liqour.
im in a rush so.. let the pics do the talkin.

special thanks to a lot of ppl:

yao who made this all possible,
edwin and ting that supports all the way ( edwin 's having early class the next morning, and doesnt mind the trouble of gettin a bus back home that same night.. so touched. luckily jing yen and her man were so kind to fetch her back) so thanks to the couple too..
david and yuin and another friend of theirs rushed here to join us right after their may-day concert. ( aww.... that's sweet)
the three musketeers -- malcx, william, wai sung joined us for the crazy nights too....
aww. im pampered!
my endless wish

good blower ;)
group photo1

group photo 2


sa-por char char hand-made a card for me.. im very very very touched.. appreciate all the love.

dunno why he's so happy

if there's riot or war outside, we can survive here for a month

thanks dear!!


ignore my bald patch. im a lil tipsy

several days later. had dinner with babes peipei, char char, and yuin yuin at my ever-favourite jap restaurant-ichiban boshi @pavillion.
pei said it's to celebrate my bday. (again?)
anyhow we had a sweet sweet night chattin and gossipin..
love the photos too

alright.. then it's my birthday
yao brought me to a special place ... and... we had nice nice dinner at a fine-dining restaurant of equitorial hotel ( dunno how to spell. lazy to google)
live music, special seats, a stalk of rose, desserts and tantalizing meal.
will blog bout this in my next next post( pictures with yao)

when we reached home, housemates were there for another surprise cake:) a lot of love i dont deserve... a big hug for all of ya!!

towards the weekend,
we had a gathering for psycho-coursemate, /also to celebrate dorothy's baby's full moon.
and then there's my 4th cake

william threaten me with butter and im scared. yao's worried

at last. dippin ourselves in water! refreshing~~

this is so so funny. played a game with guys and see how long we can hold our breath inside the water ( actually to prank william.. we all went away after he immersed in water and hold his breath under the water alone.. thus he is the winner of the competition which consists of only one contestant.

love you guys. very much

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