Friday, July 2, 2010


for this post, let's assume ** is a person's name
and @@ is the pronoun for him/her.

last night i had a weird dream that i confronted ** and told @@ that i dont really agree with what @@ did, and doing.

wow. i was so bold and brave in my dreams. ( self- admire for 2 seconds)
but when i woke up, i felt relieved cos its just a dream.

so..now that im awake with my conscious mind, i started to wander
is it better to have confrontation or inter-friend-sion ( a term i learnt from sex and the city2)
to reveal how i felt bout @@ , or should i continue to be a silent observer and yet in my heart strongly detest everything ( well, almost) that @@ did/doing?

i believe majority of us have been through this dilemma.
being together as friends/lovers/ family members, we couldnt always and at ALL times ensure that our actions and attitudes satisfy ppl we care. so there have to be frictions sometimes..
especially if you need to stand up to your rights, you just have to walk pass those judging eyes.

but, what if someone you know is doing something personal to @@ life, i mean without interfering yours of whateva. but that something that @@ do , disgusts you.. will you go ahead and tell @@ frankly ? or just STFU and be an obedient bystander to these? Or learn to be what a counsellor should be, which is NON JUDGEMENTAL ( ah. come on. who won't judge on this),

well. that also depends on how close you are to @@, right?
if @@'s just someone who is not really that significant in your life. then probaby your advice would be MYOB . and it would definately ruin the bond between us.after all im pretty sure that people have their rights to do whateva they want in life, and who the hell we are to point to their nose to tell them what they should or shant do?

but if @@'s someone that carries certain weight in your life, probably voicing out would help clear the flem in the throat? and minimize the virtual distance between both of ya? as friends have to be true? to each another? and give subtle reminder if you think @@ 's behaviour is not okay? but what if @@ enjoys it and you're just nobody to judge anythin.

so let's weigh the consequences.

if i tell ( as seen in my dreams)
- @@ will stop doing that? (bullshit, but knowing @@, i strongly believe @@ wont stop)
- @@ will think that im a thoughtful and honest friend? ( err.. not sure maybe, but with little probability)


- @@ will get very pissed of ( thinking that there's nothing wrong with @@ and repel me?)
- @@ will get very upset over our friendship ( ahh... i dont wanna overestimate what i mean to @@)
- @@ will think that im only jealous? ( you've gotta be kidding me. im happy with my own life, and i luv my body, wit, fashion sense,and humor. okies, competition is always unhealthy plus i love my loved one.. theres nothing to be jealous about)
-@@ all of the above and still continue doing the thing @@ do


if i just zipped my mouth and close both eyes?

-nothing bad will happen (to me)
-its not my problem also
-save all the fuss and drama ( im too busy and occupied for that)
-probably there's a part of me that is fake, i.e. continue to be kind to @@ which deep in my heart, struggling to run away from @@.

the safest way now is to learn how to


and so, the sexy and almighty butter caren lim car yen decided to just swallow it down to my oesophagus and let it be digested intra-mwa!

and live happ..... wait.

something more i wanna say.. last few lines probably to those potential victims.

perhaps if i were you. i would wanna shop at pavillion instead of pasar malam.
in pavillion, not that many ppl, things that you might get is probably of higher quality and dignity, cos that's just more elegant longer lasting.

shoppin in pasar malam exposes you to a variety of "easily accessible goods" which is AFFORDABLE to many ppl because it's ahem, cheap. very cheap.
and if you look at the quality, it's short-lived.
comes and go easily.

for me, the latter is rather "diluted" . if you really insist on it, probably it just speaks you. your taste, your level.

****not to offend those pasar-malam shoppers who dig in cheap stuffs, i love buying cheap stuffs which you can just use and throw away. very convenient. but bear in mind, if the illustrated is meant to be metaphorizing ppl or a life- partner that you may be seeking, i would say, survey harder before you even bump into it, you wouldnt wanna end up with nothing, but a strong hint of stale, clouded, oily smell from the night market lingered upon your cloths and hair.

worse still, if you're only able to "rent" it. you thought its yours, but it isnt.

though ppl mentioned you have to follow your heart when it comes to terms like this,
but following your heart doesnt mean you have to block out that wise little voice from ya frontal lobe.

think with ya head on top, not the one below. =.=

oki, finally blurted out everything.
now i can live happily ever after, sleep sound and dream of my sweet chocolate, yao.
and selfishly leave this puzzling post to you :) LOL
if you're not that sure what im talkin bout. dont assume oh.

it's good to be mean sometimes writing mean posts to haunt you.
it's a valuble lesson guys. and you seriously dont have to thank me but yourself for reading my post.

still, love ya lots.
(peeps reading my page, **, yao, family and all beloved friends)

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